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  1. My ex filed a motion in retaliation for me not agreeing to him having our son in a period where I have plans. In the custody agreement it says we both must agree. When I received the papers he accused me of too many doctor visits, my son having black eyes rashes being soiled etc. I went to his peds doc and the ERs got the records... My ex took him about 8x more than I ever did... for head injurioes I was never told about. I am supposed to be told as per the custody agreement. Also he is in repeated for stomach flu and ear infections. I have broached the subject of getting a second opinion about those but was shut down flat by my ex. I also found my ex has told the Dr and the hospitals that he has full custody, that my ex's girlfriend is the mother and that I do not have the right to the records. Fortunatly I am smarter than he is and brought along the court papers stating this. I am afraid my son is not being taken care of properly nor the amount of attention and care from his father is enough. ( ex said my son at 20 months only knows 6 to 10 words. My son knows over 75) We have gotten a lawyer but it iks wiping out our accounts.. ( my ex also wants us to pay for his fees saying I have substanial income .. I do not) he has also lied about income for child support and has told the doctors he has 2 jobs but only reports 1 to child support ( this reason being told to the dr so the doc doesnt question why my ex isnt around all the time) I do not know what to do. I dont know if my ex is abusing my son or neglecting but there are some signs.. night terrors.. my husband picked up a group of straps for a high chair we were putting together and my son started screaming no dadddy.. ( my son calls my husband daddy or dadda too) The things my ex said in the papaers served to me are easily proven false, but I am worried he is hurting my son! What can I do?!
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