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  1. My son has a small landscaping maintenance and snow plowing business. His largest customer which involves two nursing centers, after several years, verbally terminated his landscape and snowplowing services without warning. This year there was no written contract, but rather a verbal agreement. Now it has been over 60 days and the last two months' bills have not been paid. The administrator and billing department will not respond to his request for payment ($9000). What are his options?
  2. Thank you. "...can bring legal action to enforce a debt." That would be in reference to already billed but unpaid debt, am I correct?
  3. Previously it had been explained to me in this forum, that when leasing a car an industry standard" is to charge a re-stocking fee, This fee is charged when you do not purchase the car - or buy another car of the same make. But let me explain a little further. On the lease contract itself there is indeed a box which mentions this fee. It was my error to not notice it at signing. However, there is no explanation as to exactly in what manner this fee is to be repaid. In this case, first I called the company and after discussing the fee with them, they did lower the amount owed. Again however, nothing was mentioned as to exactly how it was to be repaid. I received a bill for the amount negotiated down. At that time it mentioned how much was due and a date when it was due. This is a couple years after the initial amount was signed for with no explaination of terms. I mailed in a small amount. The next month I received a bill minus the amount I paid and giving a due date. I mailed in another small amount. The third month I recveived a phone call message on my machine stating I needed to return the call. It did not say exactly what it was about. I returned the call and found out it was a collection agency! They said the company had sold my debt to them and if I didnt' pay it in full immediately it would go to Collections. I received no prior warning by phone or mail or email. Is this whole process legal as to how they are allowed to collect their monies when terms were never initially agreed to? Thank you.
  4. I have received a bill (as have others I know) from a medical facility (same facility as others who have received such bills) for an appointment I had which occurred one year or more After the appointment. I believed I had paid my co-pay at time of appointment. Now I can't find my receipt. Is there a time frame attached as to how long after a service is performed that it can legally be billed? Is there a time frame attached to any kind of service as to when it can be billed - and after which it is now longer legal to bill?
  5. I meant to ask if it was a State law. You're saying it depends on the insurance company contract - but isn't that overseen by state law? Also is there a law about the length of time a bill must be presented? I had received a bill for a doctor visit co-pay (supposedly) from a hospital more than one year after my visit? I had no knowledge I owed Anything as I believed I had paid the co-pay at the time of visit.
  6. Is it true that when doctor's office is paid the co-pay on insurance for a procedure, etc, that the office must accept payment from insurance company as then paid in full? Thanks.
  7. There is a clause in car leasing contract that reads "..."termination disposal charge". Until I returned my car and did not lease another car of the same make, I found out the actual meaning of that phrase is that you are essentially fined if you do not lease another car of the same make. Isn't this effectively forcing consumer to pay a fine for not buying another same make vehicle? I was told this is an "industry standard". Can anyone confirm this - is it really legal?
  8. What are the grounds for anulment in the state of Virginia? How does one begin such a process? Is it as expensive as simple civil divorce? Thanks much in advance!
  9. I appreciate responses. thank you. However... I was merely asking if there were any OPTIONS "TO" Medicare for an alien "senior" married to a retired citizen. I am aware the alien does not qualify for Medicare. It was a generic question and I apologize for not making myself clear. Also I wanted to know in general if an alien on a visitor visa can marry a citizen. AND...I wondered how in general that would affect the visa. I thought this might be pretty basic. I apologize as I wanted generic info and not a solution to some kind of specific personal problem. My error. For some reason it seems some inappropriate assumptions were made by my poorly worded queries. Sorry. I absolutely understand this venue does not give legal advice. Not to worry.
  10. Are the any options for medical care for an alien, married to a retired citizen on Medicare?
  11. What is involved in a citizen marrying a non-citizen who is here on a visitor visa? Can it legally be done? If so what is required? How would this affect the non-citizen's visitor status?
  12. A foreign national friend wants me to take his medical records to a U.S. specialist for second opinion. Is HIPAA involved when foreign patient (not living here in U.S.) and their records are not from U.S.? Where can I find forms for a non-citizen "Health Proxy"? What other legal paperwork would U.S. specialist need to review the records and release second opinion to me? Thank you.

    tourist visa

    Thank you. If there IS a family member U.S. Citizen here - what other options might be available to someone elderly with medical problems here on a tourist visa?

    tourist visa

    If someone 70 years old with poor health is visiting the States on a tourist visa - are there any options for them to apply for a more permanent status based on elderly and medical reasons?
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