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  1. i am the residental parent an legal custodian an my sons dad gets visation every other weekend an one day a week..but lately his dads has been very mean to him an my sons doesnt want to go there cus hes not happy an hes kind of afraid to go back because his dad recently seen a post that he said he hated his dad an his dad saw it got mad an smashed stuff in his room he wasnt there but still scared my son. then his dad wrote him an said..you an your mom win i give up you dont have to be apart of my family anymore an you dont ever have to come to my house again..so my son got upset an said ok..now his dad is trying to make him come an he dont want to saying that if i dont send him for his day he will call the cops an show up at my house an press charges for contempt of court..can he do that an what can i do since i am residential parent
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