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  1. I am a 21 year old homeless resident in Denver due to a work related injury. I was a tree trimmer and was injured during a tree trimming and I did not receive medical attn. right away due to not having insurance. I have damaged my left leg and received medicaid and am in the process of applying for disability. This incident happened in Nov. 2013 and for this year and a half, I have become homeless and did not know what I could do to help me. The owner of the residence was not wanting to report to her insurance do to the Boulder floods, but has not offered to help me neither. I am asking what I could I do to help me out. I have today become aware of programs that I can apply for but it is hard to get around and dont receive help from parents do to abandonment and abuse. I have no resources at this time.
  2. I am in search of locating an Attorney, I would not be capable of presenting my evidence in an orginized fashion. My girlfriend had it orginized for me just for mediation, and I screwed that up. I am not able to afford an Attorney I would like to, but it being only a month til the trial date, I read that Attorneys need three months or more to prepare, I have no time for this, so I thought that I could get some type of help from feedback that I could use to prepare my case due to such a short amount of time left.
  3. I never did any removal of trees, I am being sued for the removal of them, I did damage a bush and he was notified from me and refused my offer for payment. As for the paint I was given permission to do this, but I never returned the walls to original white, I filled the holes from nails and touched up them with the color that I did apply them with during my time there.
  4. I want to thank everyone that is helping me in there responce.
  5. I did damage a bush from removing a water heater from my work vehicle, it slipped out of my hands and fell off truck which damaged bush. I offered to pay for it but he refused. It was obstructing the view of a tree that had a nest from raccoons and was dead in that section. The other trees were dead. I have photos thanks to my girlfriend taking them without my knowledge. I have photos of the rental prior during and the last day upon leaving. The motor went out on garage door opener, so I had no access to parking in garage. I had a neighbor who caused damage to the window of his garage door, paid for it to be fixed, the garage was a common area we both could park or use as storage The window was never fixed and I was told that I was not to use as a storage area even though I paid monthly for this. I was having notices daily for anything he could come up with
  6. With the actions that the landlord had done, I was just waiting it out to the end of lease, never going online to see if I had any rights as a tenant for the constant harrassment that he repeatedly did throughout the lease. The Sherriff had been called once thru this time which was in Jan, 2015 from his calling, because my girlfriend refused his entering without proper notice, and I was upset with her for this, but later found out that he had to give 24 hr notice to come on property and his everyday arrival and going thru trash, that he had refused my usage for even though I paid for these services was illegal I have no documentation from law enforcement or by me sending notice to him for his behavior, do to my own stupidity. I have never experienced anything like this, I was just wanting the end of lease to arrive and get out
  7. January 31,2015 my lease was up, throughout my year lease, my landlord repeatedly was on property unannounced. He would post breaches of my lease due to my moving a rock to parking 2 vehicles in driveway. He sent a notice 5 months into my lease informing me that he was withholding my deposit for damages to the rental. 1) I had his permission to paint, and that I would repaint to its original color in interior of rental, 2) I damaged a bush that I offered to pay for, instead of this from me he is wanting payment for 3 trees that were removed that were dead,damaged ect. prior to my arrival. 3)Garage bay door motor quit, that I informed him on which was never repaired and the list goes on. I never had a moments peace at this residence. In Jan, I received a notice that affective Feb 1,2015 rent was going to be raised and that I would have to pay, the new amount of Security Deposit, and that the amount that he stated in July,2014 that I owed for damages to the property that previous deposit did not cover. I then received a summons for court prior to lease expiring for Feb rent, Security Deposit damages to the rental ( painting, depreciated carpet replacement, damage to bush, trees removed, garage bay door fixed, and utilities that I pay for. I have enter a counter claim been to court and offered that he keep the original deposit to just be rid of him he is refusing and a trial has been set. I left the rental in ready to move in condition minus painting back to its origanal color white. I can't afford a high priced Lawyer, so what can I do to present my case properly in front of the judge that will be residing. I have pics, all notices he claims I was in breach of lease, not to mention suing me for amounts that he claims I owe prior to my lease ending and not properly informing me with the amounts. This man made it a living hell living there and I never got a chance to enjoy my home I paid on time even early for
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