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  1. Long story short: I purchased a used car in late November 2014 with the promise of a useful warranty should there be issues to address. As it turned out, there were issues and the warranty was far less effective than I was promised... I went looking through my papers to deal with the warranty issue (in the hopes of having it canceled) and I began to look over the purchase contract more closely and I realized I had paid $3,328 in "title and registration" fees. I thought this price was actually the warranty cost when I saw the financed total was a little higher than I thought it should be... In my limited research it seemed like the title and registration fees seldom go over $300 in Oregon.... which makes me feel like I was taken advantage of here. I had planned to address the warranty issue with the dealership - but this seemed even more pressing and questionable. Is there any remedy if I have been grossly over-charged for title/registration fees? Any advice is definitely appreciated.
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