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  1. Trustee and family didn't tell me my grandma had died and my son went to her funeral and they gave him her ring to give to me but he kept it.I didn't find this out until 3 months later.when I asked about ring nobody knew where it was.I was going to contest the trust for the where abouts of ring but was talked out of it with them stating maybe she lost it.she was old 97 yrs old.But 9 days later the trustee wrote me a letter stating she gave my son the ring stating she felt it would be safer than sending it through the mail and taking a chance it getting lost..I had 45% in the trust my children 15 %..Trustee already gave me part of grandma's wedding set upon my last visit and my great grandma's wedding set.everyone knew they were rightfully mine.my son only met my grandma 4 times I lived with grandparents 6 years..what do I do to get it back?
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