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  1. I have four children with my husband, we were married and resided in NM and I left him in July of 2014 with our four children. I have always been our children's primary caregiver. I moved to SC with my parents when I left with our four children so my children and I have resided in SC for over a year. I want to get a divorce when I can afford it but I currently don't have the money for an attorney. MY question is can I file for custody of our children now, while still being married? Or do I have to do that along with filing for divorce?
  2. Back in 2000 I was arrested three times in a year's time. One case was dismissed, plead guilty to the other two and was sentenced to run concurrent. I chose to do all of my time instead of getting out early on probation. While I was incarcerated, I had another court date that I wasn't taken to so they put out a warrant on me and I was charged with escape. I didn't find out about all of this until 2009. When I finished my time in 2004 I was told that it was done and over with, that there wasn't anything to worry about or take care of, even though I told them about the other charge I had elsewhere, the court, my pd everyone said I was free and clear. Five years later I found out about the warrant and went to the court and took care of it. After all that you would think that if I owed over two grand why am I just finding out now In 2015? How do I find information about those old cases and is there any way around having to pay?
  3. I just received a letter from a collection agency saying that I owe money to bucks county clerk of courts in PA for cases back in 2000 that I was not aware of. What can I do to resolve this without having to pay $2220.00?
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