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  1. I don't have a child. it's not "as far as I know". It is not possible for me to have a child. It has been over a year that I have expected this to be resolved, so I think I have every right to assume it would have been resolved by now. I have a letter from the dept. stating that they have refunded the money due to an error in their system that has been resolved. Since it hasn't, I would say that this is willful disregard. And I need proof in order to file a dispute with the credit reporting agency. I do have specific info from both the IRS and MS dept. saying that the garnishment was from this person not paying their child support. and I am sure you must know that any government agency cannot and will not release private information about any individual that is not me. The fact that I even got the other guy's name from them is astonishing (and an admitted mistake on their part). I have his address as well, but that is because it showed up on my credit history as MY address, even though it isn't. This isn't some personal debt that I am trying to get out of paying. I do not have a child and have never had a child. I am being penalized for not paying child support on a child that I never had. All I need is legitimate answers on if I have a case or not, not someone refuting all of my statements.
  2. I live in CA. Last year (2014), my tax return was garnished by the Mississippi Department of Human Services for unpaid child support. Funny thing is, I do not have a child and I do not live in Mississippi. Apparently, someone made a mistake somewhere down the line and someone's unpaid child support was reported under my SSN and name. (I found out that we have the same name). After about a month of phone calls, they finally sent me what they took from me. The following week, they garnished wages from one of my paychecks. After an angry phone call to their department, I was told that I was out of their system and that this would not happen again. Last week, I applied for a car loan. I have great credit, so this shouldn't have been a problem to get. When I was denied I was shocked. I ordered a credit report and imagine my surprise when I see 7 unpaid child support payments on my history. This caused a poor credit rating. I called their office on Monday and the woman who answered was very nice, but told me that the file was still open. She said that she would immediately speak with her supervisor and get this handled. I called back today to get an update and was told that they couldn't find me in their system. After explaining my situation a couple more times, I was told to fax them a copy of my credit report. I was told to call back on Friday. So still nothing had been done at this point. As if this isn't bad enough, when I checked on the status of this year's tax return I got a notification that it was going to be garnished to pay unpaid debts, such as child support. This is getting to be extremely disruptive and stressful on my life. I had plans to buy a car and a house this month, which I now cannot do. Money had been wrongfully taken from me and it appears that the MS Department of Human Services is making no real effort to correct their mistakes. Do I have a case against anyone in this situation? I know it can be difficult to sue the government, but this is something that I feel needs to be done. Please advise if you can!
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