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  1. No additional damages were done to the tub. His biggest complaint is that I did it myself and didn't use a professional. He also stated that he wasn't going to charge me for the additional damage due to the water leaking through the floor. I am still wondering how this was my fault to begin with?
  2. I moved into a rental home in Utah August 2013. When I moved in the landlord informed me of (2) cracks in the master bathroom tub. He indicated to me he would come by in about a month to check and make sure it didn't need to be repaired again. He came a put a clear coat epoxy over the (2) cracks. A few months later (via a text message) I told him that the epoxy had peeled off and it need to be repaired again. Several month went by and still no repair. I informed him again (via a text message) that it needed to be repaired. He told me to shower in the other shower, I let him know that there are (3) kids and myself living in the home and sharing one bathroom makes it hard in the morning, that if he could just come and repair it. After cleaning the tub one day I noticed a water spot and sheet rock on my garage floor (the master bath was above the garage). I told him it was leaking into the garage and that he needs to really fix it to avoid any other damages. He once again said he would be down. After waiting once again I had it repaired by a friend who but a JB Weld over the (2) cracks to prevent any additional damage. I let him know that I repaired it (I didn't ask for reimbursement) he expressed his gratitude and that was it. Now that I have moved out he is refusing to give me back my security deposit because of the damage that I did to the tub in repairing it. I let him know that he could/should have repaired it anytime and that I prevented further damage to his property. I have had no luck in convincing him to return my deposit. I would be thankful of any suggesting that anyone has.
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