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  1. I may have copies of the documents in my drawer at work, and if I don't, I will ask HR for them. I am just asking the question about HR because I thought people on this forum may have heard some stories about dealing with HR and they may have some insight. This issue just came up an hour ago and I can't get my papers until at least tomorrow, unfortunately. I got this job 4 years ago and it was my first job out of college so I cannot remember if I signed an NDA or non-compete. I wasn't picky about what terms the employer wanted to hire me on, but I do know I wouldn't have signed anything that was completely unreasonable. I am not sure how searching for a new job makes me a disloyal employee. I am not giving Company B any information or doing any work for them. In fact, I am on here asking the question to make sure I don't do anything wrong against my current company. I need to get back to Company B and tell them whether I can do it or not. Yes, they could "USE" me. However, given the circumstances and the people involved, I am pretty confident that is not the case; I am willing to take that risk. I feel that this is also irrelevant to my question. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am just looking for some insight into whether I should be worried about this at all or not. I am not a lawyer or familiar with these laws at all or even the ethics of any of this. If you are able to help with my question if I provide more information, I am happy to do so. I just need to know what you need. I will get copies of the documents tomorrow or Monday.
  2. I thought I'd come here first before going to a lawyer to make sure. I really have no idea. To summarize, I work at company A on a specific contract. Company B, which will be a direct competitor once they win this same contract, wants me to help them now on a consulting basis to help them get ready and set up for their contract that they are most likely going to win. (They will then hire me on full time). Is that legal for me to work for Company B on a part time basis while still working at Company A full time without disclosing this to Company A? If not, what could the consequences be (firing, legal action, etc…)? I don't know if I have a non-compete or NDA (don't know if this matters) with my current company, although I can find out by going to HR i suppose. Would that raise red flags/will they think i'm leaving? (I hear my HR department personnel have big mouths).
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