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  1. We live in Texas. Jeremy and his wife, Tabby, have lived with Jeremy's mom since the marriage and the birth of their two children, 1 and 3 years old. Tabby and Jeremy are still married, but Jeremy's mom helped Tabby move to her father's apartment because the two of them were fighting so much and Tabby was trying to take the kids and move to Virginia where Jeremy and his mom wouldn't be able to see the kids. Jeremy's mom will not let Tabby move back in and Tabby still wants to go to Virginia to live with her grandmother. Neither Jeremy nor Tabby are working or have any source of income. What can Jeremy do legally to keep Tabby from taking the kids and moving to Virginia? Is there a form they can complete that would allow her to go visit Virginia for 2-4 weeks but have to come back? If yes, how would it be enforced?
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