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  1. We also have explained to her that it's not gonna be all peaches and cream here and that we do have a rulesand she definitely won't be spoiled like she is at her moms she still doesn't seem to care and want to be here And I get the part where all the teen want to be where the grass is greener At what point do you draw the line after years and years of manipulating and verbal abuse I don't believe it's warranted and no mother should talk that way to their child and in divorces aren't they always taught not to talk bad about the other parent
  2. I agree ellemd but she is so unhappy there She suffers in school and the mom doesnt enforce strict rules in that area in stead takes her on a shopn spree I dont understand why it would be so hard for her just to let her come by us more Her mom is very manipulitve and jealous And its not far for the daughter to lock herself in her room to avoid everyone in her moms family and definately not fair she has to listen to her mom and stepdad to throw daggers at us any chance they can I feel it shouldnt be hard to ask for more time and the only hiccup would be her mom loding the control We have ALWAYS done as she wished Mom once told her to pack her bag so she can go Live at her dads she stayed two days at our house and then when it came time to switch visitation she refused to bring her back which I understand is finebecause of the"informal modification" but the childish games are definitely sickening and harmful
  3. IDK pg1076 I thought U were giving me junk for Wis population I must of read it wrong Sorry for that I thought I say SMH How do I know she isnt reading this and I agree with You on informal modifications Thanks
  4. Although the child wants to live full-time with us we understand that but that will not happen and that is not what we want to happen we want her to be with us more as her mom has her 720 hours and we have 123 hours Especially because the living situations there are mentally exhausting I could write a book but personally I don't have time for that and the only thing I needed answered was how to get things started insteadit seems people are just quick to judge on something they don't even have a clue about(which isn't your fault because I don't have time to write down the insanity that goes on there) All I can say is this woman is a control freak and it has a negative impact on the 13 yr old Here are some instances I can quickly talk to text recently the mom told the daughter that her dad can't afford and won't try to fight for her Her mom flat out called her a bitch Her mom's husband beats the other kids Her mom threatens us by saying either you need to agree or disagree but get out of the way Once the daughter wanted to stay to help her dad we're going to TOD car and her mom said that if she didn't come home to watch wrestling they are going to save her spot on the couch Her mom told me she'll be miserable till she's 18 I guess My son went to help her stepson fix their truck and the daughter wanted to go say hi to her her brother and her mom said no but finally gave in because the daughter are you do with her that he is her brother Her moms. Husband told the daughter that her dad didn't want anything to do with her when she was little When the girl was 11 months old The cops were called because the father gave her corn The mom tells the daughter that she's not allowed to talk about her dads at her moms Well that's just the start of it all I know is it's hurting my heart to see this girl go through this BS nonstop yes it might not be physical abuse but it is definitely something emotional
  5. Um Ya dont judge!! How would I know! pg1067 No need to be RUDE! This site is one of the first ones that came up when I googled Sooooo she isnt STUPID!
  6. :/ OK I am her Dads Fiance Her Dad wants her to be happy as he knows How difficult her mom can be Her mom has other children there that are always in trouble or fighting There are many rules the that arent really necessary ie timed Snack time Our son who is 16 now can clearly remember when he lived there and how badly he disliked the Mom and she would only let him play with1 toy at a time ( not bat man and the bat mobile ONE OR THE OTHER There is so Much to this story I dont even know where to start Hopefully in the next few days wewill be sitting down with the girl and explaning to her that she needs to be aware of what this means and making sure this is what she wants to happen cuz most likely it wont be easy altho it would be nice if her mom would just do what is right For her girl there isnt any physical abuse with the daughter but others in house altho I feel that belittling is a form of emotional abuse as the Mom apparently is always talking bad about us Her Dad feels he wants to try and get the mom to figure it out WO a laywer and courts ( THAT WOULD BE THE ADULT THING TO DO) I just dont know where to go first and I really would like to do this without a lawyer cuz well they r expensive
  7. my problem is I dont want the other half to figure me out on here
  8. I believe its 50/50 now but the actual hours are way off THANKS I do have papers to file a motion Would that be what I need Was hoping to get around the courts but will do if have to
  9. She has been complaing for some time now Moms house is choatic and dads is calm
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