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  1. Hi, I have a pending felony charges case since 2000 in Florida, I didn't appear at court for trial and left the country. My question is that how long state have a statute of limitation to discard my case? 790.19(5) Shoot/throw Into Vehicle 784.021 Aggravated Assault 918.13(1)(a) Tampering With Physical Evidence I never had any bad previous record, I was working hard for living in Florida and this happen to me because of one single person mess my life and unintentionally I fire my gun on his car which hit on tire.
  2. As I mention I left US and didn't return till now. Thanks for your kind information
  3. My case which I didn't proceed trial and left the country in year 2000 felony case still pending with Broward County. Charges on me: 1 OPEN11/01/2000790.19(5)Shoot/throw Into Vehicle11/29/2000Fort Lauderdale PD 2 OPEN11/01/2000784.021Aggravated Assault11/29/2000Fort Lauderdale PD 3 OPEN11/01/2000918.13(1)(a)Tampering With Physical Evidence11/29/2000Fort Lauderdale PD How to settle this case, kindly help me on this matter.
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