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  1. I gave them a $300 non-refundable pet deposit and a $100 security deposit. They sent me a final statement for $325.54. It says that $200 "Apply Deposit to Charges Due". But the "Total Account Balance Due" is $225.54. I'm not a mathematician, but $325.54-200 does not equal $225.54. So that means they are pocketing $174.46. They should be required to apply all of the deposit and at the very least pay attention to their math.
  2. So how did it turn out? I am in a similar situation where the landlord is charging money above the deposits and pocketing $200 of it.
  3. I live in Alabama. I moved out of an apartment early after paying my final months rent. The landlord made no objections to the early move out. They had a $300 non-refundable pet deposit and a $100 security deposit. They are charging me for carpet cleaning and other cleaning charges that are outrageously priced. I admit the apartment had not been cleaned, but that is because someone I hired clean it and I went in and there was mold growing in the walls and carpet from a leak that is a third party's liability. I was never alerted that repairs had been made and they sent me the final statement charging me money that they already held as deposits. My question is, are they legally required to apply all of the deposits toward the charges, or do they get to pocket $200 of it?
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