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  1. Sir, Thank you for your reply; however, it is not my intent to criticize my daughter's decision but, to provide her with answers she was unable to derive from her ex spouse or the attorney who represented him and my daughter. My interest is for the protection of my daughter and my grandchildren, not interference as you implied. The "shared" custody is proving to be problematic for the children and their adjustment to the schedule the lawyer arranged. At the request of my daughter, I am seeking to find on her behalf, if there is a solution more reasonable than the existing arrangement which is M-T (daughter), W-T (ex) FSS, every other week. Regarding the legal representation my daughter received to obtain the divorce, our concern is that "her" best interests were not foremost in the dissolution of the marriage; however, regardless of the details, you are correct, the divorce is final. We are only sorry she did not permit us to secure representation for her on an individual basis to protect her interests. Rather, she wanted to spare us and permitted her ex to control the situation which culminated in the results as they are today. While I appreciate your input, assuming you are either an attorney or have extensive legal experience, you painted a broad stroke of criticism towards me for my inquiry while not having a full understanding of my motive. I do not owe you an explanation; however, as I stated initially, my daughter's marriage lasted 8.5 years. Suffice it to say, if it would have been a wonderful relationship, divorce would not have occurred. She is a victim of 8.5 years of living with an alcoholic who was physically and mentally abusive to her. They married here in Houston, where he was band director of a prestigious high school, having a Master's Degree in music. She is a deaf education teacher. He could not handle finances, indebted himself to the point he resigned his teaching position, moved my daughter and grandchildren to Kansas, from where he originates and joined the Kansas Army National Guard so THEY would pay his college loans on which he had defaulted, if he agreed to an eight year stint with the military. He is NOT an officer but an enlisted soldier because he has had four (4) felonies. So you see, you were not privy to the reality of the situation but surmised I was an interfering mother, rather than a concerned parent for the safety and well-being of her daughter and grandchildren. Again, I appreciate your legal input however, I would think you would want ALL the facts before making assumptions.
  2. My daughter, a resident of Wichita, Kansas, recently divorced after 8.5 years of marriage. She was told by her ex she could not have her own lawyer but they used the same lawyer. Is this an accurate assessment of the divorce process in Kansas that in order to obtain a divorce, a couple must use the same lawyer? Also, regarding the custodial arrangements for my daughter's two minor children, ages 6 and 5, the custody is shared. Is it possible for a parent to be the sole custodial parent and what criteria is required for this to happen? Finally, there is some ambiguity regarding child support and alimony. Her alimony is $110 per month for two years while the child support is $350 until the children each reach 18. Can alimony be continued until my daughter remarries? Also, how is the payment process handled, by the state administering the support after garnishing the father's wage or the father paying the state directly? Thank you.
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