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  1. I am just wondering if anyone knows how to calculate the cost of the childs portion of Medical Insurance premiums. I have all the monthly payroll deduction amounts for each plan. We are on the Employee and Family plan. But there is Employee only, Employee and child, Employee and Spouse, then ours Employee and family. Just wondering which amount I would deduct from the Employee and Family to come up with the Child Only Premium for reimbursement for Medical Support. There is a large difference in amount when doing it differently, and I am required to provide the amount for a child support review. Any help is appreciated.
  2. In my court order it states under posession and access that a 60 day written notice is required for the one weekend per month visitation. All the other visitation such as Christmas, Spring Break, Ect., do not have this wording. Yet further in my agreement under the section "long distance access and visitation" it specifically states "It is ordered that the following provisions shall govern the arrangements for the travel of the child to and from the NCP. - Notice if Place and time of posession- It is ordered that, if NCP desires to take Posession of the child at an airport near NCP residence, NCP shall give CP 60 day notice of his intent to exercise each posession period, NCP shall give 14 days notice letter to CP of airline and flight information." All visitation happens out of state. My question is does the section "long distance access and visitation" make the 60 day notice a requirement for all designated periods of posession for the NCP? At first he was providing notice and as of the last 2 years notice has been as short as 10 days before a visit. I have worked with him over the years, and the child has never missed a visit. A family situation has arisen and I have called twice to insist he decide within the 60 day notice to exercise spring break, with no answer. We are now at 45 days, and I must travel out of state during that time and take the child with me if he chooses not to exercise spring break as he did not take the child last year. Do I have the right to deny this visit since no notice has been given and I have tried contacting him twice to arrange the visit? I must make arrangements for travel within the week and can not get a response from the NCP. Thank You
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