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  1. I was going the route of your recommendation as I am only asking for help temporarily due to my financial situation
  2. Thank you. I mentioned constitutional right for one reason. At one point my ex was keeping me from seeing the children because we had a fight. She filed for supervised visitation for no reason, she made stuff up with no supporting proof. When I went to court for the motion hearing I defended myself and the judge did not agree with her as she had no proof of her allegations. He said specifically that tge children have a constitutional right to have access to both parents. There was no neglect or anything
  3. My ex wife and I have joint custody but the children live with her. We live about 45 min apart and I have picked them up every weekend for the last 2 years, lately every other weeken since I lost my job. Our divorce judgement states I am to pick up the children. Since I lost my job I don't have the money to drive out and get them amd then drive them home and also pay for their food and things while they are with me. Would a judge grant a motion by me asking to have her temporarily pick them up or drive them, I can do one or the othe as she is working now and can afford to but she just will not go out of her way to bring them to me. I know the children have a constitutional right to have access to both parents, I'm hoping this would help in a judge deciding for me and forcing the mother to drive them to see me or at least pick them up.
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