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  1. Hi all, I am after some advice. I was married since 1998 and separated in 2009 ( had to flee matrimonial home because my X was violent). I have not applied for divorce as was afraid that he may get from ugly to worst. I waited patiently until he would be ready emotionally for divorce. The time has come and he himself applied for divorce on the grounds of over 6 years separation. During those six years we managed to establish some basic communication between us for our child who now is 15. My X residing in matrimonial home alone since I left. Child visiting his father and staying over on regular basis. Currently Mu X collecting on his sole name Credit Cards and Loans Debts which now are exceeding matrimonial house equity. He is a sole owner of the property and I have only matrimonial rights. When we separated he had no debts and he still has a good salary until now. Me myself managed to borrow from a friend for a deposit and buy another house for me and our child to live in. My house currently has negative equity. I do not have any savings and have to pay loan back to my friend. My debts are not so great as my X's. What are my chanses on to have 50% of matrimonial property equity or all equity will be taken towards His debts? Is my house will be split 50/50 too? is there possibility Not To Accept his debts ( I have not contributed nor benefited from any of his after separation borrowings) ? Please Help.
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