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  1. Very sorry about the double post. I have a member of many forums and do find it annoying as well. I couldn't find a way to delete it. Anyways, I don't bank on getting the unemployment. But I would have shown up for work the next day if i didn't feel I was fired that night. I never missed a day of work or called in sick for 7 years. I just want to make sure that I have a chance to say what I have to say, get all the facts on the table and then they can make the decision from there. I am not bitter and respect the process.
  2. During the middle of my shift my boss made a mistake which i corrected. He did not like the was I fixed the problem and as i was trying to apologize, he interrupted me and told me I can't do anything right and told me to get out in front of many of my loyal customers. Being and employee of him for 7 years and seeing him fire multiple people in that manner, i was shocked and just stood there. He then screamed at me to leave. I collected my things and left. He texted me the next morning and asked if i was coming into work. I told him that he fired me the same way he fires everyone else. He then tells me i'm not fired. I said the you told me to get out and leave, you fired me. He replied saying, funny thing is, I didn't say you were fired. I filed for unemployment. He refused to give me my paycheck in a timely manner (2 weeks later) and it is missing 4 days. He told other employees he was going to fire me and find a new manager. They won't give me statements because they are afraid of his intimidation and being fired. My phone call for the appeal is tomorrow and he is saying I quit. Any advice would be appreciated, WasiFired
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