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  1. My boyfriend is currently the primary parent of his 8 year old daughter. The mother lost custody after a man was shot to death in her home and she admitted that she couldn't pass a drug test. The mother can't hold down a job for more than a few months at a time and lives with her mother where her daughter doesn't have a bedroom and has to sleep with her grandmother. They also have a 17 year old boy living with them who is of no relation to them. She is attempting to regain custody of their daughter. My boyfriend is a truck driver. He is gone one extra night a week than he was when he was awarded custody the first time. They are trying to say that she shouldn't live with him because he works more. They are also planning on attacking me. They plan to lie to try and make me seem unfit to look after her while he is gone. I have text messages where the mother has admitted how much her daughter likes me and has fun with me. Yet, I still have a lot of anxiety. I love her like she is my own. Is there any chance that this woman could gain custody?
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