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  1. I asked an attorney here. No they can't, legally. Thanks for your awful help
  2. If that were an option do you really think I'd be asking here?
  3. That's stupid. Your life is your own to end whenever you decide.
  4. I live in Texas and I had a hospital charge me $996 dollars for telling me to take my medicine another doctor gave me for a uti that I didn't even have. Another doctor found the problem and now I can't have children because I couldn't get the doctors from the two previous hospitals to believe me. Now my credit score is very low from the hospitals that wrongfully diagnosed me. What should I do?
  5. I was having severe pains in my side and hip and one doctor told me it was a uti, which I have been getting chronically for 12 years so I know what those feel like. Not trusting him because he wasn't anywhere close to right i went somewhere else and the doctor there gave me no tests, not even a urine test, didn't look up from his clipboard and said " just take your medicine" and left. I waited in the room for another half hour before a nurse asked if i needed help. I didn't know we were through. Later i receive a bill for $996 from this place. The last place i went actually figured it out and the other two were VERY wrong and now I cannot have children. Help?
  6. I was working at one store where they counted my drawer in front of me and it ALWAYS came out perfect, but at my new job they go to a different room to count it and its been off every single day. I'm not doing anything different. How can i stop them from taking my money?
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