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  1. Agreed, explorer13. Finding a job is a painful task, for me. However, me having a DWI shouldn't play into the custody aspect, should it? It is suspended, but I could go and pay the fee to get it back, now. I just don't want to pay for the insurance. I see many children on the bus... their parent's aren't unfit. Given the mutual problems with myself & the mother, I'm wondering what the play should be, for me. I mean, we had an awful relationship. She has attacked me, on multiple occasions. She admitted to our old relationship counselor that she was the aggressor, in our relationship. I'm doing my best to work through any/all problems of my own, but I'd really like to know how someone who was caught with a needle in their arm, can claim not to be a junkie. lol Still wondering how to go about filing for contempt of court, and what information I should be gathering(via any suggestions on what you would defend her with). Any vague legal ideas, or just common sense "roasting"?
  2. Indubitably. I'm there. I'm doing the therapy thing. We've offered to pay for her to go back to therapy. She has refused. DCFS is a bust, for help. They need more evidence. Mediation was offered, but rejected. I'm trying to be reasonable, and am being blocked at every avenue. I would like to just file the appropriate things with the court, and try to get us both on the "right track". I sold my car, and bought a bus pass. How would the license come into play?
  3. Hi all, The mother of my child, and I have mutual protective orders. No actual criminal charges were ever filed, but the commissioner agreed that we shouldn't have contact. We later went to mediation, and in mediation agreed to drop the protective order(s). This was never actually done in the court. We went about our lives as though they were dropped. Longer story short, I called the police because I found drug paraphernalia in her apartment. The offer who showed up was a friend of hers, and refused to really investigate my complaint. (I only called because of her reaction & to get a report of what I found). After the officer refused to excuse himself (per my request), I tried to film him & was very rude to him. Yep, I ended up in jail for Obstruction of Justice. When we got to jail, he found the protective order, and I was booked for that as well. Now, these charges were dropped, but I did spend some time in jail (33 days). Oh, just prior to this I got a DWI, and court actually happened(found guilty) while I was awaiting trial. After all charges were dropped (this included an additional protective order, which included my son), I attempted to see my son, via the approved method in the original mutual protective order. She refused to let me see my son, and continues to refuse to allow me to see my son. She/her lawyer, requested that I prove that I'm "clean" via a hair folicle test. I took, and "passed", the test. I responded by requesting a hair test from her. (still waiting for that). Because of the DWI, I'm doing random UA's, group counseling, and Prime for Life. My assumption is that she is using "fear of sobriety" as her reason to keep him from me, while the actual reason is spite. I assume that I need to file the order to show cause for a contempt of court ____. Questions: 1. How do I actually file all of this? 2. Will you please ask me questions/come at me, as though you were her lawyer, so I can be prepared? 3. Because I'm fresh out of jail, I don't have a job so I have to do this all DIY. Any suggestions on litigation to just get in front of a judge?
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