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  1. I am a property manager and have a unit leased in a development with about 15 units. The HOA does not seem to like the residents and have done some things that seem to be harrasment. They watch the electrical meter on the unit and dertermined that it spinned to fast, so there must be a pot growing operation going on inthe unit. I inspected and no issue found. But they called the fire department who also inspected the unt and made a comment that the caller suspected a grow operation. The HOA members take pictures of the residents trash, watch every move they make and yesterday 6 policemen show up wanting to inspect the home because they had a call that there might be a grow operation going on. Of course the resident let them in and nothing was found. I have given my notice to the owner because I feel that this is harrasment, and violation of Fair Housing and can not manage a property where this continues to go on. The owner lives in Canada, and has not been suportive solving this issue. Thoughts??
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