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  1. I did have insurance when I took the job as driver, boss said she did not have knowledge of me being taken off of the insurance. (I think it is BS) it was a normal day of work, on the clock, on route to a delivery. like I said its he said she said, police were on the scene but no citations because nothing could be proven due to no damage on company vehicle and no laws broken. only thing I feel im responsible for (if any) is the the deductible of the lady i was in the accident with.
  2. ok long story short, I had an accident in the company rental vehicle. myself and my helper the other driver and her passenger. I was uninsured unknowingly, the boss took me off intentionally or she herself didn't know. im being pursued for 4.5k $ from the other drivers insurance company and another 2.5k $ from the other driver vehicle. accident is he said she said and unproven but the insurance issue is plain as day I just didn't have it. is the insurance my fault when im not in the rental agreement and it was the employer who provided it for the employee, but I was the driver. and what would my next step be when I cant trust my previous employer. how do I get out of this situation
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