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  1. I have never implied that I wasn't at fault, but only that some fault lies in her because I technically occupied the lane and she was behind me nthen 50 feet later came up along side me in a single lane! I went all the way through the intersection with no one along side me... and there was only 1 lane which technically should have been mine. I ddin't know actually what had happened at the time, and it wasn't until I got home and used google maps to examine the intersection that I had even known what had actually happened! I had actually taken full responsibility to the insurance initially and then modified my statement because I didn't even truly know what the circumstances were at the time. The damage was so minor, and no one was even midly hurt. Enough said
  2. Hello all. That was my inital reaction, however Washington state laws reiterate clearly that the first person to enter the intersection has the right of way. Understandably I entered illegally (accidentally of course because the visibility was poor enough not to realize the lane had ended). The issue is that I had CLEARED the intersection and swerved at the opposite end of the intersection. I am not certain the rules of the intersection continue to apply here because I was exiting the intersection. The reason I say the other driver knew I had gone through a right hand turn lane is because I was told that was what she told her insurance. Even if entering illegally, being a full car length ahead of her, now occupying the only lane in the intersection, and being the first car through the intersection, and then upon exiting the intersection the accident occurs at what point in time was it her responsibility to yeild to me? If I was technically occupying the only lane why did she come up on the left of me as though she was occupying a second lane? If I had swerved immediately after running through the right hand turn lane then I would agree... 100% responsibility without any arguement, however I went through the lane at least 50 feet behind me before the accident happened. How many times have any of you seen this similar sort of thing.... someone quickly enters the intersection from the right or even the left hand turn lane as they decide they want to go straight. If they are ahead of you and you see that then there is now an obligation to yeild... even if you give them the bird and the fist for what they just did! There is also an obligation to avoid an accident as the intention of blocking someone or causing an accident could be aggressive driving. Mind you I did make a poor move and this was completely due to the lack of visibility as it wasn't intentional. Thanks!
  3. During a torential downpour outside of Seattle where the visibility was horrible, I entered an intersection through a Right hand turn only lane. The lane to my left was the continuation lane and was a SINGLE lane through the intersection that continued as a single lane beyond the intersection. I entered the intersection at a green light, still driving to the right of the intersection (unknowingly) and upon exiting the other side of the intersection I suddenly swerved as I was headed straight for a large curb marking the end of the intersection on the right side. At this point as I swerved my rear fender hit the front quarter panel of the car in my blind spot. Yes I entered the intersection illegally as the highway dropped from a 2 to a single lane through the intersection. I clearly entered the intersection and traveled all the way through the intersection ahead of the girl I hit until I essentially swerved from the far right side of the lane to the center of the lane. Since the driver of the car I hit knew I had entered a single lane intersection before her and she never yeilded all the way through the intersection who is at fault? I see it as both of us but she and her father clearly see that I abruptly merged into her lane in the intersection hitting her in the process. I understand the laws are written to give the first car who enters the intersection the right of way which she failed to give all the way through the intersection! I would love any imput but personally think we were at fault 50/50.
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