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  1. Also, for the record, never asked what "we" should do. Just what "she" should do. I simply said that "we'd greatly appreciate any advice."
  2. Hey all! My wife recently began working at a retirement home in their memory care facility. This company is a HUGE national chain. She has a BS in Health Science and Psychology and has several years of care giving experience. During her first full shift at this facility she witnessed an astounding number of instances that left her stunned. These included forcibly restraining residents to change their clothes, yelling at residents, and many other neglectful behaviors. She has written them up in a detailed letter because we feel that there is no way this should be happening. My question is, what is the best way to move forward? Should she talk to the facility director about this? If so, I believe that she would be protected from any sort of retaliation under OSHA's whistle-blower protections. We'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks P.S. Do dementia patients have the same "right to refuse care" as non-memory care patients and is it EVER acceptable to forcibly restrain patients (to the point of physical injury I might add) in order to change their clothes/shower/put to bed? In short, should this be reported and what may happen?
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