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  1. Can they hold my daughter more than 48 hours before allowing her to make her first phone call? Can they keep her cash and drivers license until she goes to court and shows proof that she did keep her court date? Shouldn't they have told my daughter what her BAC was? Since the officer's reason for making the stop was for speeding shouldn't he have given her a speeding ticket?
  2. My daughter was pulled over for speeding in North Ms. She was arrested for DUI at approximately 2:30am. Not sure if the officer read her her rights at anytim. She was not booked in until 5:14am that same morning. The officer did not give her a feild sobriety test nor did he do a BAC until right before she was booked in. She was never informed what her BAC was and was not given a written citation of any kind. She was not allowed to make her first phone call until 48 hours after her arrest. When she was released out on bond she was not given her money or her drivers license back. She was told that she could get her money and license back when she brought in a paper proving that she appeared for court on her court date.
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