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  1. I take offense and feel a little attacked over a couple of the responses. "No, it's not illegal" would suffice without having to make me feel like a bad person for wanting the right thing to be done. Why does it make a difference if I am an employee, a former employee, or just a concerned consumer? Can't I just want for this agency to do what is RIGHT by abiding by the rules that the rest of us assume to follow as well? Is it wrong that I just want to prevent anyone else from getting screwed over by mistakes made at this agency? I just know of a few people who have been burned by this agency, and mistakes happen when people are under the influence. Just as one example, these insurance agents are telling the general public that they can't drink and drive, and yet they do it on a regular basis. This office is located in a town with a population of about 3,000, so I highly doubt there is much stress or overtime, which some people believe justifies drinking alcohol. So, because there is drinking being done on a TV show, must mean it can happen in reality, and it's ok for ME to go to work sloshed and not have to worry about it? What about people who use heavy machinery and have dangerous jobs? You think it should be ok for them to drink on the job??? Are there NO laws in place anywhere that states an employee can't go to work drunk? What about all these employers that require drug testing before someone is hired... isn't that discrimination if they test positive for drugs? In my opinion, alcohol IS a drug, so why is it different to be drunk at work than to be on, say, heroin??
  2. I know of an INSURANCE OFFICE where the employees are provided and encouraged to drink alcohol on any afternoon of the week as they see fit. Also, the employer takes most of them out to lunch, where they consume numerous alcoholic beverages over the course of 2-3 hours, and come back to their office to quote, issue, and process insurance policies and deal with clients (and most times are clearly intoxicated). The employees of this office then drive home at the end of the day, and there were a few that had received DUI's on their way home from work. Regardless of whether it is LEGAL or not that the employer provides this to his employees, is it ETHICAL or MORAL? Since this employer has an "Employee Handbook" that states his employees must be drug-free, doesn't this also apply to alcohol? Shouldn't this employer be held accountable for these actions? And shouldn't there be a policy in place, somewhere, that the EMPLOYER needs to abide by, stating that his employees will remain ethical and NOT consume alcohol while on the job?? Who would be the correct agency to direct this information to... the Insurance Commissioner, OSHA, or their workers compensation carrier?
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