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  1. I"m from Indiana an at will state,been on workers comp since July and just got terminated due to "No guidance from the worker comp doctors as to a possible return to work date with regards to the injury" The comp doctors are chosen by the company and they say they have sent all information about my injury and can't give a return to work date because they don't have a crystal ball, There own workers comp insurance company case manager even stated she sends all the doctor information to the company also. They called me in for a ADA meeting and wanted to know if I could perform any of my duties with an accommodation,I stated I'M not a doctor but 2 of your doctors have given you a work status report which states "NO WORK" so I guess no I can't do any of my job.. They were the ones to put me off on workers comp to begin with,I had light duty and then they choose for me not to work.My condition worsen while I was off and I have had one back surgery and my have another coming.I'm still in therapy right now and its not helping. What are my rights,I'm still getting benefits fits from workers comp but when I get better I won't have a job to go back to,work there over 6 years and have a clean work record.
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