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  1. On 11/21 I was rear ended by a teenager doing between 45-55 mph (I was at a stand still awaiting the ability to turn into my neighborhood-my blinker was on and witness testified to this on the police report). It was totally her fault and it has probably totaled my car. Whats worse is as of yesterday the family hasn't even contacted their insurance to accept liability for the wreck. I went to ER the same night and of course my neck-back-head-hips and leg is hurting. I realize it was a holiday weekend-however I have still been unable to get a rental car (luckily a friend loaned me a spare car) even tho I filed the claim on Friday morning -until the other family calls or returns calls-the claim is at a stand still. I do not have medical insurance and my car insurance company says I have medical coverage on my auto insurance however if I use it they cannot collect from the other insurance. I am in pain and cannot get a doc or chiro to see me unless I pay out of pocket. I do not want to get a lawyer but it seems I am not going to get the medical I need unless I do. The day of the wreck -the mother of the teenager that hit me mentioned that her daughter (the driver of the car) has epilepsy and this is why I believe they are not returning calls to their insurance. What are my options? Yes I have talked to their insurance company and they have left them a message but still at a stand still. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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