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  1. My father passed away October 6, 2014. He assigned my sister in law as executor of his estate. He did not have a will because the only property he had was 3 trucks, a boat, and a utility trailer. My father wanted one of the trucks to stay at the property that he changed the deeds on before he passed. Then he wanted my sister in law to sell the other 2 trucks, the boat and the utility trailer and split the money 6 ways. I have one brother who passed away, then I have another (evil) brother and 4 sisters, (one of which is evil). My father is only on the birth certificate of my brother that passed, my (evil) brother and my (evil) sister. Myself and 2 other sisters do not have my father on our birth certificate. I need to know what rights we have to fight my brother and sister on my father's estate so that they don't take our part of the estate that my father wanted split 6 ways. And I need to know what legal rights my sister in law has as the executive of his estate.
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