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  1. I had one while the dhs case was open and in youth justice court. I don't understand how dhs can take my kids and after I do all the requirements to get them back that they just close the case and not return my kids to me and the judge let it go to chancery with no reason.
  2. In Dec of last year dhs took my kids and gave them to my sister. At first no one would tell me what I had to do to get them back so I asked friends what to do. I had everything done before court in Feb then they requested a drug/alcohol and mentel health assessment so I did it that same day. It took two months to get back in court and the judge requested a hair drug test. So of course I went straight to medscreens and got that done. Then in June dhs closed the case saying I have completed everything i was required to do to get them back. My sister and ex husband requested that the case be moved to the chancery court. The judge told us to come up with some kinda agreement til we go to the chancery court. How can the dhs and judge do that? I been googling everything I could think of to get answers. I called everyone I could think of to get answers and they are just as puzzled as me. Then on July 16 we went to the chancery court and I didn't have a lawyer BC the one I had I. Youth court was a free attorney and she could only do youth court and I had three weeks to find a new one with no money. So their attorneys ate me alive in there I had to agree with whatever she wanted and my ex husband wanted. My sister gave me visition with my oldest child. Monday thru Friday and that she uses my address to go to school with her picking her up from school Friday and dropping her off Monday. My ex husband said I get my youngest two every other weekend and thanksgiving morning til 2 and Christmas eve to christmas day til 2. My ex husbands attorney agreed to write up the order and it wasn't right. I called him and told him exactly what the order needed to say with my oldest. He got an attitude with me. He then took my visition with my youngest two for Christmas away. How do I get that fixed? Now my crazy sister has come up with another story about my husband whooping my oldest one with a belt and left bruises. The bruises was three little dots on her back which I seen that Monday and asked about and she said that she was playing with her friend and her friend did it.come thursday Dhs of course investigated it talked to my daughter and she told them she doesn't remember were or when she got the bruises. Then she said that my husband did whoop her. They asked how big was the belt and she said 2 to 3 inches. my daughter is 6 what 6 year old says that. They asked her some more questions and then asked her again how big was the belt and she showed it with her hands. Plus she didnwentct scared of comen back home. So they didn't open a case. My sister got mad and went to the police department and pressed charges on my husband that was on oct. 29 and nothing has come that. And I ain't seen any of my kids since then. My sister in enrolled my child from this school and put her in a different school. All I can think about is them. I'm still trying to find an attorney and its very hard not haven any money. So I call the court to see what I could do about all this. Everyone keeps telling me I can't do any thing until I get an attorney. I think that's crazy I represent myself in court so i should be able to get info on what to do now. What can I do about all this myself until I find an attorney? Its driving me crazy not seeing them.
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