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  1. My back toilet needs repair. Started asking in February to fix toilet landlord refused to fix it pretty much. Then sends text message two weeks later saying a real-estate company is now responsible.Ive been asking then to fix this over a month almost 2 months now said they did but never came here. What can I do about this? To make matters worse we have mold in these apartments they want us to sign a contract saying we will not hold them responsible for mold issues with health and so forth. And the previous landlord took our rent on the fed 12th they took it March 12 now we gotta pay again by April first two times in a month for rent they will not pro rate rent. What are my legal options here? I'm totally fed up. Feels like I'm getting messed over please help.
  2. I gathered lawyers who deal with malpractice negligence could address this for me. They have experience in these matters right?
  3. Let me clarify now that I am on a computer. The Dr last week quoting from his evaluation.... Childs alignment is acceptable at this time. However, it is borderline for surgical intervention Followup one week with (another dr) for repeat evaluation. They had taken her ace bandage off and put her in a full cast did not remove her half cast put another cast over it for fear of moving elbow and moving the radical head which technically was broke off and they did not even line it up properly. Very obvious the head was not aligned with the bone I told the dr who preformed surgery I was not happy with x-rays even though I am not trained you can see the bone was not ok. He told me it was an extreme trauma to her elbow. He put screws and a nail in her arm to fix the break I am extremely mad my child has to go through more pain from this break when they could have fixed it right the first time we were at the hospital. And now nerve damage on top of everything really really makes me curious why nothing was done at initial reduction.
  4. Normal protocol meaning they wait so long to do surgery... This third Dr she saw said if they didn't urgently fix this she'd lose use of he arm and possible bone death. He was very serious about getting her elbow fixed
  5. Oh man please excuse bad spelling and grammar my phone is not cooperative right now.
  6. Two weeks ago my youngest broke her arm and dislocated it. We want to hospital and we were transfered to the children's hospital becauzs they said she needed surgery to fix the break. They didn't do surgery they did a closed reduction put her in a half cast dent us home. So as told I called scheduled appointment for following week as directed. We go to this appointment Dr says she's OK but concerned. Come back next week see yethe another Dr. This Dr comes in (still no change in break) tells me her break is very extrwme and needs urgent surgery. Well she had surgery yesterday nails screws. The dr told me her nerves been damaged and her hands been contracted she's going to need months to regain use of hand and arm... my question... is this normal protocol because multiple people have told me to talk to a lawyer NOW... you can see in x-rays by the way the radical head is not right at all... please help
  7. Oh and no insurance in her name I called nationwide it was expired
  8. Tuesday at work a lady hit my parked car . I went to security they said because it was in the parking lot the cops wouldn't come out . She gave me her name and expired licence and couldn't find insurance but told me it was nationwide . She gave me a fake telephone number too. I told her to leave the insurance with guard she failed to do so. She is refusing to give me insurance information.what can I do?
  9. I am curious... Are these even legal? I was a couple days late on rent paid in full plus the 20$ a day late fees on a 600$ a month rental 1 yr lease. He had put a notice on our door to vacate in 15 days ..... no reason just to leave. He tries to scare the tenants here all the time calling the police on the kids and threatening to evict people with his 15 day notices. He told a little boy today who was hanging out with friends to go back to his country. He told another tenant to pay late fees when they weren't even late they asked for a copy of the lease and he gave them a copy that wasnt even signed by them. The apartments have mold and mildew, Have holes in the carpets he said he was gonna fix. I want to know if we have any rights on him fixing mold issues and holes in the carpets. He is a complete slum lord by all means. I wish I woulda known this before moving in buy now I am stuck till next yr because of our lease agreement. Thanks for the help if you have any.
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