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  1. GOOD EVENING. I am actually sending this message on behalf of my mother, Johnnie M. Russ. She is 72 years old and her husband served in Vietnam 1966-1968. Her husband survived the war but was accidentally killed on a civilian job in 1970. Right now my mother is receiving her Own Social Security benefits. She wants to know whether obtaining Aid & Attendance ( Form 21-2680 ) will prevent her from also obtaining benefits due to Agent Orange. Please call [Redacted]
  2. This case is about a friend of mine who is an African-American Muslim woman who married a Muslim man in Egypt. They have been married for 10 plus years. She gave up her career because he did not want her to work. They have no children together. After 10 years of personal differences, She left him in Abu Dhabi with the idea of coming back to America. She was here for about 18 months; they reconciled and she went back to him last August. When she got there little did she know that he had purchased a house in Egypt and sent most of the furniture to the new house. He had given many of her clothing and shoe items away. Upon her arrival, he immediately became cold and distant to her even going on vacation for three weeks and leaving her alone in the house. At one point she had severe dental problems and would not take her to the doctor when she got sick. He had a heart attack and open heart surgery three weeks ago and she was there for him but he still has a callous and indifferent attitude. She has made up her mind to leave him again, permanently. However, she is almost 60 and will have no financial assets except what she can earn. Is there anyway she can force this man to give her something to live on after over 10 years of marriage?
  3. Greetings - I work at a large company located in Atlanta, GA. I recently returned back to work from an FMLA/Disability leave due to work related stress. I am going to spare you all of the minute details but suffice it to say that it has been a very long time coming. My supervisor and I have a long history of tense conversations due to her jumping to conclusions, negative attitude, harsh demeanor, etc. On the very day that I returned from leave my supervisor gave me a final warning stating that I had falsified company records because IT was unable to locate an email that I said that I had sent to a co-worker (before the disability leave began). In the very same sitting - after discussing the warning with me - she went into a conversation telling me how my leave negatively affected the team members because they had to work overtime to take of my job responsibilities. She explained that the company had incurred additional financial expenses due to having to pay overtime. Later on that same day I found the exact email in question and sent it to her her....her mistake number one. I believe her mistake number two is that she turned the meeting into her verbal reprimand of me about how my absence had negatively affected my co-workers and the company. Please note; the final warning itself made No reference to my leave - it only spoke about the missing email. However, the immediacy of and the tone with which she turned the discussion into a reprimand of my leave made the whole thing seem quite suspicious. My leave was FMLA-protected and backed up by extensive documentation from my doctors. I have no real reason to believe that the final warning was not also due to her being pissed that I took leave. Even if the warning and leave reprimand were not related, she should not have even spoke to me about the strain that I caused on the organization. PERIOD. Do I have a case here?
  4. I am having issues with home maintenance and an ex-neighbor and was hoping you could assist me with advice or point me in the direction of an attorney that you know of that handles these types of disputes. I own a three-level townhouse that is attached to one other unit – this is a subdivision of duplex townhomes ( they are NOT condos ). I own my unit separately as does my former neighbor. My neighbor and I had disputes in the past that are irrelevant to this particular problem I am writing about. About one year ago my neighbor suddenly moved out of her side of the unit and moved, I believe to Nebraska. Since then there has been NO maintenance on the yard. The grass is growing wildly in the back of the house; the grass is very thick and matted. I have personally paid my money to have her front yard cut at about two times this year because it looks so bad from the street. Back in January 2014 around the time we had those two cold snaps in the Atlanta area I became aware that a rat had gotten into my home and was nesting. This rat caused enormous damage to my dishwasher, and clothes washer by gnawing on the tubes which caused floods. Flood water poured into the basement apartment of my house and I have a tenant living down there. Fortunately the insurance company gave me money for all the damages as far as water restoration and renovation but it was a huge mess in the interim. I also had to pay $ 800.00 for a trapping company to trap squirrels in the attic. Now, last Monday I had a furnace repair person to check on the operation of my furnace and he told me that a Dead Rat was lying beside the furnace. I have lived in this house for 13 years and have had infestations of squirrels in the attic before but this is the First time rats have found their way in the house ( those times being January and now November 2014 ). The other unit looks very unkempt from the outside and I am so sure that these TWO rat infestations are because of no lawn maintenance on her side of the back yard and side of the unit. I have no idea how to contact my former neighbor. There is no For Sale Or Rent signs in all this time. As far as I can tell she has abandoned the house and I am stuck with a Damn mess. I have no idea if she is paying the mortgage, insurance or county property tax. I have been in my home for 13 years and will need it for the long term. I strive to keep my home in good condition. Once I retire, my goal is to possibly do a reverse mortgage to add to my retirement income because I do Not have any heirs. I have also thought of doing a trust with my church organization or some other foundation. Perhaps, I can sell outright. Keeping my home properly maintained is a Huge concern as it gets older so that I can ensure that I have the most value possible. Yet this burden of having to maintain two units is too much for me. I am looking at my whole 13-year investment going down the tubes. Back in April I wrote a complaint to the City of Lilburn, GA and was told they would try to contact the owner. I still have the email from the City of Lilburn; however, they have Not gotten back with me and I feel I have no recourse. I can make another complaint with the city or county but am not sure just what they can do. --
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