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  1. Thank you. I am going to get her to check into what they do in that county. If they will do it as a courtesy, which I think they do, or if she needs to pay someone. I know I would feel better with someone there to make sure things don't get out of hand. You would think people could be civilized adults but some you know that's just not going to happen.
  2. Thank you. There was no set amount of time in the settlement and her attorney she was using basically told his secretary she paid for a divorce and she got her divorce. So she has appointment with a new attorney Monday so maybe we will get somewhere with this one. Thank you so much for all of the input and advice.
  3. Thank you. We were discussing having a police there because of the hostile enviorment we are going to be in. We don't want any trouble my mother just wants her belongings. They have made it difficult for her from the start. But the checklist is a great idea so we can be sure to get it all and be done with it. My mother just wants to put this behind her and the sooner the better.
  4. No, the daughter is not a licensed attorney. We have had a time getting any information from my mother's attorney so any advice we can get is appreciated. The settlement did not give a certain amount of time that things had to be done so when questioned the attorney he said it is up to my mother to make arrangements with the daughter being she is acting on her father's absence. She wrote a letter to the daughter since she didn't have a phone number for her to set up a time and she is being very difficult about it. Since she is going to have to have a moving company move a storage building they are giving her 2 hours to get her stuff on the Sunday before Christmas.
  5. My mother has recently gone through a divorce settlement in court. The man that she divorced is in prison for shooting at her. So his daughter was there on his behalf and is acting Power of Attorney. She is very hard to deal with and is making the collection of property difficult for my mother. Is there a time frame for the property to be turned over or is there something else she needs to do? Her attorney is very hard to get on the phone and is not good at communicating with her at all from the beginning. This divorce took place in Mississippi.
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