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  1. It is indeed a sculpture. It also doesn't really matter if the paper s use is fair - I have no intention of complaining about free publicity. I don't think it qualifies as a duplicate - it's cropped and 2D.
  2. I created an artwork, which is registered as my copyright. A local newspaper photographed it and used it in the print edition of their paper, which is fair use. However, can I use a scanned copy of that photo on social media, or do I need to buy it from the newspaper? Is it fair use to use someone else's photo of your work?
  3. I had a question about one of my HOA regulations, and whether it is appropriate. They state that our detached garages (private, not public area) are to be used for vehicle storage. A condo owner with two cars is expected to store them both in the garage. If the condo owner owns a third car, they may park it outside, parallel to the garage. I only own one car, but would like to use my garage as a photo studio. To me, it seems unreasonable that my neighbors can park parallel to their garage, but I cannot, simply because I only own one car. Can the Condo association change the rules for me based on the number of cars I own? The garage is totally enclosed - it isn't a carport. There is no way to know what the garage is being used for unless the door is open, so it isn't an exterior aesthetics issue.
  4. I am considering distributing photos of sculpture under creative commons licenses. The original sculptures are all tagged L***** ©20xx, all rights reserved as is standard. Previously, all photos had been tagged this way as well. If I understand correctly, that tagging gives some legal advantages and improves the odds of being able to enforce the copyright and/or collect legal fees when you enforce the copyright. If I distribute photos under creative commons, I can't tag them all rights reserved, because they aren't all reserved - some are being given away. However, I still want the same legal advantages you get from "all rights reserved" vs. having no tag on the work if someone violates the license, either by using it commercially or claiming it as their own work. What do I write on the work? Some ideas: ©201x L*******, Some Rights Reserved (in short, make them ask...) This photograph is licensed by L****** under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International license. (and optionally) The original work is ©L*****, all rights reserved [a bit wordy, want something shorter...] The creative commons logo for the license being used.
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