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  1. The Employers counsel used up all their time in a full day deposition. They primarily asked all non related questions about defendants personal life including topics and findings which are embarrassing. There was no useful info gained and nothing new regarding the case. The employers legal counsel reminded the defendant that everything filed is public information. A few weeks after, the full 300+ page deposition was submitted as exhibit and available on pacer and other legal search sites. Were any laws or violations possibly broken? The intention was to obviously defam the defendant. Help please?
  2. If a private company is owned by a private equity group and the equity group reports advisor and other filings to the sec...... Would an employee of the privately owned company have whistleblower protection for reporting violations and fraud conducted by his employer? ALSO, In a list of interested parties submitted to the court, If the employer leaves out the name of the private equity group who owns them, are they allowed to do that or shouldn't they have included their name as well in the court filing? Thanks for any guidance or feedback you can provide.
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    Thank you for the specific and detailed response. I now understand more clearly. 


    You are awesome and thank you!

  4. Thank you for the advice and feedback. Much appreciated
  5. The plaintiff said they wanted the deposition of the defendant to be filed confidential and under seal. The protextive order was general and vauge but did not specifically mention the deposition. A few months later the plaintiff files the full deposition with the court showing everything and now it is all public. Is it a normal practice and/or is the plaintiff's counsel allowed to take a deposition of defendant asking questions irrelevant to the case including embarrassing personal questions and then file the whole depo with the court for the world to see. Any there any guidelines or rules on this? Were any violated? Is this allowed? Any limitarions on what can and cant be filed? This is U.S District court in North Georgia.
  6. Are their any protections for private employees who are retaliated against for noticing FTC and Unfair business practices affecting the public and who went through the proper channels at work including HR to discuss issues? I was picked on, job title changed, denied bonus opportunities, and then fired. I am being told that the retaliation is legal and I have no protections because my employer is a privately owned company and because I did not report issues directly to government agency before getting harassed and fired. I just want to confirm if this is correct or do I have any protections in the state of Georgia or federal?
  7. When, if ever, is a person legally protected to reveal information directly violating an NDA? Does anyone have any statutes or cases I can reference? This is in reference to an Employer was lying in a court case and denied that information existed to the other party. An honest employee who has witnessed years of lies and who was asked to commit fraud on other situations which they refused but had enough of seeing people hurt by employer so the employee sent over the information the court asked the employer for who denied having items. Are their any exemptions which for violating an NDA with the purpose to prevent fraud and protect a party from being hurt by the fraud? State - GA
  8. The ticket says I was going 73 in a 45. It was on a three-lane road. "Going with the flow" I meant I was moving along with everyone else, not standing out, no Reckless Behavior, and the officer who happened to be very nice simply just gave me a speeding ticket. I travel for work and the two days I have home I am with my family and all I want to do is pay the ticket and move on. The prosecutor told me my only option was to appear in court or avoid going to court in exchange to make a plea deal to pay $350 go to traffic school and a month of community service. I'm a hard-working family man with no criminal history food drive 60000 miles a year and has not received any tickets over the past five years. No criminal record either. The kids around here get in less trouble who steal or caught with a bag of pot by police. It feels like the Twilight Zone and it's very stressful. The $350 fine is extremely excessive compared to all surrounding municipals and state fines for the same violation of 28 over. I feel it is what it is and won't have a problem paying it but any additional criminal punishments feels overly excessive and the punishment would not fit the crime and not common in most of the state.
  9. I have a clean driving record and no criminal record. I got pulled over on a 3-lane road going with the flow of traffic and received a ticket for 28 miles over the speed limit. I went to pay ticket and they said I must appear in court. I travel for work so I asked for any other options and was told I would have to pay $350, community service and driving school. Even though speeding is a crime in the state of Georgia I feel like something may be off as the plea offer for simply speeding, an isolated incident, is a harsher punishment than what corner drug dealers and people in fights get. Any advice?
  10. So eventhough the court received notice, i can still proceed with trial?. This is a flsa overtime suit.
  11. So eventhough the court received notice, i can still proceed with trial. This is a flsa overtime suit.
  12. So eventhough the court received notice, i can still proceed with trial. This is a flsa overtime suit.
  13. My attorney contacted me and said that opposing counsel and him have an agreed settlement dollar amount. After the phone call, the court received a settlement notice from both parties. a week later I received the settlement papers and the conditions were unfair and not practical. my lawyer said that opposing counsel is firm with the settlement and my choice is to accept the deal or there probably will not be any settlement. What are my options and is it too late to continue with the lawsuit?
  14. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I appreciate it! 1 more question. Is there any punishment or system in place to hold the employer accountible for violating the flsa retaliation law and if yes where to file complaint.
  15. I am seeking information on specific franchise laws and have questions on a seniro to see if it violats the franchise law. Anyone or anywhere I can ask about this on here?
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