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  1. Thank you for the info and your last statement, which this was handled kindly, in a casual setting. My concern is I have no idea as to how he handled his assets and our family assets. We have items that have been in the family since early 1800's, and other things that I just don't feel good about when she says, trust me, I'll take care of you without documentation. Maybe I should have faith in man kind and trust her word.
  2. Recently my father passed away after a long battle with a debilitating condition, dementia. My father had inherited a large sum of money several years ago and is now under the control of his 2nd wife. For years my father said he had a will and living trust however he would not provide me with documents proving this but said his wife would produce them. Now the funeral is over and I'm heading to home, I ask her when the will or living document would be read or provided and she says there's none and all his investments are being transferred to her. My questions are: 1. Don't I rate some portion of his assets, if no will or trust existed? 2. How can I check and see if a will existed? 3. Where should I begin to find out these answers? What I can tell I'm entitled to 1/2 of his assets but I'm not for sure if what I'm reading is correct. Should I contact a Estate planner, or criminal counsel? Last time my father and I spoke he showed me on paper his assets were well over 2.5 million. Any assistance or advice would greatly appreciated.
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