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  1. SO rented a house that now needs repairs. Landlord is NOT completing those repairs and has said he doesnt intend to. Contacted a lawyer who said to send him a certified registered letter with return receipt which I went ahead and did. When he receives the letter he has 10 days from the receipt to complete the repairs. Well he refused the letter so NOW what do i do? Thanks
  2. ok thank you....thats what i thought but i wanted to hear it from someone elses point of view to be sure! Thank You
  3. because when we have to go to court to get this straightened out i do not want to go in asking for the things that were fixed wrong to be redone properly if that is NOT the case. I like to be prepared and KNOW what I am talking about when I do get to court. The "person" that told me as long as it has walls and water etc thats all it need was a local attorney that I just called out of the white pages to ask this...however it is NOT out of the realm of possibility for an attorney to be wrong about something and since I recieved one set of info twice (it has to be the same) and one bit once I wanted to ask as to be SURE i am not interpreting the statute wrong. When I write the landlord the official registered letter telling him what repairs need to be done i need to know wether to include the things i mentioned or just the stuff that hasnt been done at all like the floors. And even though you say it could hardly be clearer you know as well as I do that judges interpret things differently sometimes so yes i am a little unsure
  4. I need a little clarification on something if anyone can help. We signed a lease on oct 15 pipe burst on dec 7 The insurance agent who came to asses the damages back in november very specifically told me that the landlord BY LAW has to fix the house back exactly how it was when we signed the lease or better! So here we are 2 months later and the house looks like he sent the insane clown posse in here to do the work....everything here is crooked and hanging loose the door frame is all messed up and there is no floor in yet but we had pergo and he said he was going to put in vinyl' so i went to look up the landlord tennant act and this is what it says: RCW 59.18.060 Landlord—Duties. 5) Except where the condition is attributable to normal wear and tear, make repairs and arrangements necessary to put and keep the premises in as good condition as it by law or rental agreement should have been, at the commencement of the tenancy; DOES that mean the same thing as the insurance adjuster said? Because someone told me that he is wrong and as long as there is a Cieling walls and running water he can do what he wants.. but i spent two years trying to find the perfect place and now it is a complete hole....if i had wanted a hole i could have saved money and rented one for $600 a month....now i am paying $1200 for a rat hole Thanks for any help
  5. Hi all, I have been here before and know how this works...I ask a question and a lot of you use it as an opportunity to take out your snarkiness on me. And yet I am still going to ask because there ARE a few on here who actually do try to help so here goes.... We moved into a house in october, in november a pipe burst. This isnt the first time...we came to find out this happened just about a year before we rented it too so landlord knew there was a problem. So from what I can figure out from landlord tenant law here he should have had this done in 10 days? Is that correct? However that is not the issue it has been 2 months now and it is getting old. However the landlord also owns two businesses a nail salon and a froyo...so it turns out the froyo is going under and he is broke. However he had insurance on this house and I am fairly sure the insurance co has paid him already and he went on vacation. Now he is back from vacation and he has decided because his loan fell through that he is selling this house so now all of a sudden he doesnt want to put ANY money into this house....only problem with that is we still live here....so he hired a guy that is NOT liscened or insured or anything...he came into my home and grabbed MY trash can and filled it with dry wall , used MY broom to sweep up and ruined it, used three of MY towels to wipe paint and stuff.....he got stucco spray all over my computer, my desk. my office chair and my lazyboy recliner....my husband asked him to hang a piece of plastic and even gave him the roll of plastic and the guy said ok and just went right on spraying.....we were able to wipe it all off but wtf?? He put things in that are against the building codes and they werent like that before. But the biggest thing with him is this.....the first day he left my front door hanging open for like 15 minutes so i went over and shut it and asked him to keep it shut (it was 30 outside) a little while later i notice its getting cold i go in kitchen...door hanging open guy standing at sink doing something...again i close it and ask him to keep it shut ... a little while later he opens it again and just leaves it (i had a 400 dollar electric bill last month because of this crap with these workers) so this time i close it hard and ask him to PLEASE keep the door shut....at noon my husband calls and ask me to bring him lunch....i am gone 30-40 minutes....when i pull into the driveway i notice my front door is hanging wide open and a little dog runs out of my kitchen (we signed a lease to have no pets)....i go in and slam the door shut expecting the guy to be standing there but he wasnt so i go looking and he was in our bedroom in back of the house hanging drywall so why was my door wide open??? Also why did he have a pet in my house and also he threw 7 cigarette buts on my front stoop when we also signed a lease for no smoking so.... Anyway he leaves for the day and tells my husband he is not comming the next day cause he has stuff to do....we are in bed at 7:30 am when this guy shows up with another guy and he doesnt even knock on our door he just comes right into our house. I told him wait outside cause we werent even dressed....then he comes in and starts working and he leaves the door open three more times and my husband is telling him IN SPANISH so he understood fine to keep it closed.....he kept doing it so my husband showed him the 400 electric bill and told him PLEASE keep the door shut.....he opened it and left it 4 more times that day....and no he wasnt USING it....i am not talking about leaving it open so he can load the truck i am talking about he opens it then goes and start doing work somewhere else.....NOT COOL but the straw that broke the camels back is that he unloaded enough materials into my house for 10 projects (landlord paid for them) and when i got home from taking lunch ALL of the materials were gone into his truck. He used ONE box of stucco out of 10 he bought. So even though he stole from the landlord and not me personally he stole while he was in my house and i have some expensive items so i dont trust him and i feel we have taken enough disrespect from this man so we do NOT want him in our home ever again....do we have that right or do we HAVE to let this guy in even though he has done all these things in our home....not to mention you would not believe the shoddyness of the work and i have been told we are entitled to get back the same place we rented or better and his work is no where near. So do we HAVE to let the guy in to finish or can we say he isnt comming into our home? I have read landlord tenant but cant find this specific....I know we have to be reasonable and let people in which we have...i have had several crews in here besides him but i need to know if the landlord can force us to let him in? And before anyone asks yes the landlord has actually said to us that he doesnt want to sink any more money into this place because when he sells it they might tear the place down.....meanwhile thats hardly fair to us who signed a lease for a house WITH a kitchen!!! Thanks Thanks
  6. I would love to do that but I wouldn't even know where to start....I have a degree in graphic design, not law or business.
  7. Just for a little clarification here not that it should really matter because i think everyone should be treated with dignity regardless of their situation but...I work from home (this room) BECAUSE my knees are completely shot and i dont walk around so fast.....on more than a few occasions they knock and it takes me a few minutes to get to the door so they come in anyway even though i say hold on....once i was right in the middle of putting on a shirt......people who rent apartments are protected by law from that crap....people who are in hospitals and nursing home are protected by law from that crap......WHY dont I have the right to at the very least be told before someone is going to come into my room????? People should NOT have to be treated like that and they should NOT be made to feel like they have to slink away to someplace else because a bully has all the rights...that is NOT what this country is about
  8. Ok well I know people are going to think i am just being stubborn now but honestly I am not...but every reply on here keeps saying that I unequivocally have refused to allow entry to my room and IF that were the case then I would be totally wrong but I NEVER at ANY point said no one could ever enter my room. I said I would like notice before hand I DO NOT feel that being notified before someone barges into your personal living space is unreasonable. The front desk clerk told me that the staff WILL enter my room at any time they choose with out any notice to me and there is NOTHING i can do about it....I am sorry but in what universe does everyone see her actions as perfectly correct and my asking simply for notification is a huge deal? As a matter of fact just 2 weeks ago they put a paper on our door that said maid service would be only twice a week from now on. As I mentioned I HAVE let the maintenance man in many times...he always tells me the day before that tomorrow he has to do something...no problem see....IF it is really SO important to them that THEIR nasty maids wipe MY living quarters down with their toilet rags then fine i will just bleach EVERYTHING down after they leave but i still think I am within my realm of rights to expect them to let me know WHICH two days they will be cleaning my room so I can be up and dressed and ready for them to come in. IS THAT REALLY SUCH AN UNREASONABLE REQUEST???? Yes i get it just turn tail and run and let the bully keep on bullying those that cant defend themselves.....BUT THAT IS NOT ME and I still think someone out there in the world MUST see the logic in what I am saying here??????I may just seem stubborn to you all but when people reply to me and continuously insist in the reply that I am doing something that I clearly stated over and over I am NOT doing then I have to come to the conclusion that they didn't really read what they are replying too......if anyone would read just ONE of the very long posts i have here they would see that i have NOT unequivocally refused entry to my room so please stop repeating that
  9. Thank you for your thoughtful reply! The owner is not new just the entire staff with the exception of 3 people. I do understand your distinction between renter and invitee and that makes sense. But I do need to reiterate that I never said no one could ever come into my room. What I did say to her was that the maid entered my room even though there was a do not disturb sign and she replied so what. I said they arent supposed to come in when the sign is up and she started getting loud and saying they can do whatever they want. (Well ok so then why even have the signs if they dont mean anything?) I DID say to her that I had NO problem at all with letting them into the room as long as they give me a little notice so i can be dressed etc....I personally dont feel that that is unreasonable. I have allowed them into my room many many times however i do NOT allow them to clean it and as long as I allow them to come in and inspect to ensure that it is clean what do they care WHO cleans it and I absolutely told her they were welcome to inspect it any time. Basically bottomline is this girl informed me that the staff WILL enter my space any time they wish with no notice to me! Anyway thank you for taking the time....I just feel like it is such a shame that because this is a motel I dont have any rights to the space I paid for...I have never heard of such a thing.......it is what it is of course and we just will go somewhere else and not give this place any more money but I still dont think its right that they get away with that and there are other people living here that cant afford to leave and they get treated poorly too but they just have to take it! There SHOULD be laws on the book protecting people who stay in motels too!!
  10. I most certainly DO pay rent....I absolutely never said I was living here for free.....I pay $400.00 every week in RENT on this room.....maybe YOU know of a different term for it other than rent but every one I have ever spoken with calls it renting a room and since I am at a loss for any other term for it I will use rent and make the assumption that reasonable people understand what I am saying.
  11. yes this states that motels are excluded from landlord tenant laws...it does not however state that motels are exempt from ALL human rights laws
  12. Yep you cited "the law" which is basically to say you cited nothing because there are no laws governing living in motels in this state.....ok so the state legislators forgot to address something and it hasn't been brought up yet. But just because no specific laws have been written pertaining to living in a motel in washington ...FEDERAL laws HAVE been written relating to the right to expectation of the peaceful enjoyment of living space that you pay for!! Therefore even though I live in a motel that does NOT mean that there is absolutely NO law out there in ANY form that will serve as protection for MY RIGHTS as a human being and a United States Citizen...... I have NOT been unreasonable with these people in any way and I will NOT be told by anyone that they WILL enter MY space any time they wish without my permission which IS exactly what the front desk clerk said to me!!! You keep saying if I keep it up they will throw me out.....If I keep what up?? Standing up for my basic civil rights?? Well then tough sh&* cause I have news for you...IF THEY keep this up I will take MY money to another establishment....I DO NOT need this motel....there are a hundred on this street alone. However I have been here a year and a half....this B has been working here less than a month ....just because SHE thinks she is a prison warden does NOT mean that I am going to let her push me around or turn tail and run the minute she tries!!!! And I am pretty darn sure that if YOU paid a person $400 on monday for a weeks rent and on tuesday that person said to YOU hey i'm coming in your space whenever I want to and I am doing whatever I want while I am there YOU would have an issue with that too!!! Now if anyone else might possibly have anything useful to tell me that would be great. There must be a law somewhere that someone can point me to that shows that I have SOME rights inside a space I paid for regardless of where that space is. Thank You Again
  13. That is NOT correct though! I am not simply trying to impose MY will on the staff. First of all I haven't spoken to the OWNER yet! I came on here first to ask this because when I do speak to the OWNER I would like to be prepared and tell him where I got my information and what laws pertain to my situation etc not just go in all unprepared and look like an idiot. Secondly as I clearly stated I have already been here for 1.5 years and they had NO problem not doing maid service until today! And as I said I went to talk to the front desk clerk and believe it or not I was being very quiet and calm and nice like any other normal person until she raised her voice at me for no reason so I then raised my voice too....for ONE sentence and then I, as I usually do, decided to just stop there and walk away because whatever pre assumptions you seem to have made about me I do tend to be a civilized person given the chance!!! At NO point did I ever indicate that I was completely unwilling to ever allow any staff member into my room!!THAT would be utterly ridiculous and I KNOW that. You clearly didn't read before you replied because I clearly stated that I told her "yes I understand you need to come into the room some times and I am more than happy to allow anyone to come in if you feel it is necessary to inspect the room however I do NOT want the maids doing the cleaning because they previously wiped my toilet and then my counters with the same cloth" The maintenence man comes into my room all of the time....he comes to change the clocks when the time changes, he comes to check the sink for leaks, he comes to check the color of the furniture...of course i KNOW all of this is just excuses to get in and check out the room since we have been here so long and I have never had a problem with that. I don't understand where you get that I said i would never ever allow any staff member into my room. BUT yesterday I handed them $400.00 for one weeks rent on my room and in exchange for that whether i live in a motel or not I am NOT in prison therefore i should have the right to expect the reasonable enjoyment of the space I rented!!!!! That would be basic human rights I would think
  14. So you are telling me that if I am inside the room with the door locked and my rent is PAID and they knock and i say i am not ready right now please come back later that they have the right to force entry anyway? Because motel or not if your rent is paid and you aren't doing anything illegal or causing any disturbances im pretty sure there has to be some kind of rights...i mean jeez if you get pulled over the cops don't even go through your vehicle without a reason and a warrant (and they ask first) how is it just because I am staying in a motel I am no longer human and have NO basic rights at all?? I find that hard to believe and hopefully that's not really the case. I appreciate you taking the time to reply but I am really having a hard time believing that a motel is some alternate universe wherein the customers have NO rights.....after all it is a motel not a prison.....though im starting to wonder about that...
  15. We moved back to Washington State back in Dec of 2014. When we first got here we rented a room in a motel, one with a fridge and stove etc. We planned on doing that while we looked for a place so we got to working and etc. and along the way it just seemed convenient to stay here. The kids are all grown its just us and we have everything we need. So a year and a half has gone by and everything was fine till about a month ago the manager quit and then everyone else quit behind him except two of the maids. There is all new staff here now and they are renting to a whole new element and not a good one. The place is becoming a pit so we decided to start looking in earnest again anyway as of NOW! But when we first moved in I told them I do not want maid service and they were fine with that all of this time. I didnt have a vehicle so I never leave the room and I work from home. SO yesterday I was building a computer for someone and I had a bunch of equipment set up and plugged in and running and we got a call to go look at a car so we left and were gone about an hour. When we got back i noticed the maids had been inside. There was NO way to get from the door to the kitchen without climbing over or under several plugged in cords. They could very easily have knocked the whole thing off the table. The do not disturb sign was on the door as it has been for a year and a half. NOT once in this whole time no matter what the weather has that sign blown off the door but it magically did yesterday! Well ok i cant PROVE it didn't but at any rate they already KNOW we don't want them in and when they saw my expensive equipment they should not have been crawling around on top of it they should have left and come back later. So I went to the office and honestly I started out very nice...I told her they were in my room after we left even though the do not disturb sign was there and she said well so what they need to come in and clean this is a motel. And I said well I haven't had maid service in a year and a half and it hasn't been a problem. And she said well they have to come in twice a week. And I said look I have been here this long and it has not been a problem. We pay our rent on time, we don't cause any problems...I understand it is a business and if you feel you need to inspect our room periodically I am ok with that just give me some notice so I can be dressed and have the chores done and I will be happy to let you in. And she said (she is now getting loud which means I am about to also), no we don't have to let you know anything we can come in any time we want to. And I said no you can not that is against the law. And that I do NOT want their maids cleaning my room because the first day we stayed they did and the girl cleaned the bathroom and then wiped my counters and table and I do not want to eat off that would you? So no I will clean my own room and she said no you wont the maids Will come in and you HAVE to let them clean. Now before I run my mouth to the owner of this establishment I need to know for sure what my rights really are. Can they force me to let them into my room when ever they say so wether I like it or not and can they tell us to move out even though our rent is paid usually in advance but because it is a motel. (I have every single receipt for every single week we have been here but I cant fine ANYTHING about laws when you live in a motel. Do they have a right to come in when we aren't here against our wishes? Are there ANY sort of rights as a tenant at all after a year and a half? And yes before you all say it of course we ARE looking for a place to get out of here but in the mean time I don't bother any one and all I want is to be left alone to get my work done .....so I NEED to know what my rights are so I can stop the harassment while we are here Thank You
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