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  1. My ex took our daughter across state lines I searched for two years till I got a call from a lawyer threatening me with all sorts of things if I do not sign papers for my daughter to go to Germany I knew this was going to happen because this step dad is in the military and I had already made my mind up that id let my baby girl go as long as we could establish visitation such as a phone I could contact her at and the address over there along with anytime they are back in the states I get to see her I finally got an address to meet them to go to her attorneys office to have everything signed and the plans drawn up I stupidly signed the papers and handed them to her she immediately picked her phone up called the lawyer and FIRED him she told me it would be too long to go there and do all that when all we had to do was sign these papers she must have spaced out the other stipulations I said needed to happen unfortunately I didn't know what to do and withen a couple days they where gone that's been six years ago and I haven't herd from my baby girl since the sad part is I asked my daughter if she knew who I was because she was young and she said mom says your my uncle and dad (step dad) says he doesn't like you I was blown away. its now been six years since ive seen or talked to my daughter. this summer I got a small anonymous hint that they where at ft hood tx so I actually flew down there on a hint and I actually found them so before they could move I petitioned my fathers rights of visitation in the state of texas I am a single father I have full legal custody of my son from another relationship since he was 6mos. old hes now 14years old. so that should ease any ones mind that I am and always have been a fit parent I feel anyone giving me info should have the full story so there it is. my question is Does this qualify as kidnapping, alienation basically what can I do. my ex and I where never married we both agreed to rais her equally and custody should be split custody please from a loving father if you can help PLEASE do thank you for reading
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