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  1. My son said the employer specifically said he was paying him "under the table". It could be the term was just used loosely, I have no idea. This has been interesting and informative, we have decided since no one was hurt other than feelings it is best to simply move on.
  2. Hello, I know Oregon is a right to work state so I am not sure what can be done about this issue. My son was working at his current place of employment since he graduated from college and had been promoted and was really good at his job. A few days ago he was called into the office and shown a post on craigslist that said awful things about the business and about a few employees. It was written very unintelligently and did not sound like him whatsoever. There were a few uneducated unskilled workers who had been fired a while back and he felt it was likely one of them. My son by nature is a very honest and conscientious individual who would never do such a thing. He explained to his employer that he would never do that, he likes his job, and even logged into to his craigslist account to show his boss that the post was not associated with his account. He said his boss then began to threaten him physically and tell him he should take him out back and beat him up, other employees were allowed in the room and everyone began verbally attacking him. At this point he began to feel fearful that they might actually physically harm him. He was fired. He is extremely confused as to how you could be fired for something that there was no proof you did and even more so for the unprofessional way with which it was handled. He has no idea where to start or if there is anything to do. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  3. I was garnished today. They took a total of 1695.00 in 2 transactions. The money was not from income. I ran an adult foster home, it was an over payment by the state (but this not taxable money anyway)..can they take non taxable income? Or an over payment that would be scheduled to be sent back? it really was not my money. The other thing is, I am currently unemployed. So they took everything I have. I am assuming I cannot get it back? Should I have gotten a notice I was being garnished?
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