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  1. If the missing pin is really an iron pipe, which it usually will be, you may find it with a metal detector through the asphalt.
  2. Probably nowhere. Leases are not filed anywhere accessible to the public. Why did you post your question on a totally unrelated thread?
  3. Depends on the terms of the lease. It is not at all uncommon for a tenant to be required to pay all insurance and taxes. The flood insurance is intended to protect the property owner from loss or damage and is properly paid to the property owner. I.e. the landlord. The lease-purchaser is not the owner unless and until the end of the lease.
  4. Whether the witness committed perjury in a prior case was probably ruled inadmissible during the trial and ordered stricken from the record. Prior bad acts are not admissible unless they demonstrate a pattern. So your transcript was not illegally altered
  5. I keep a spray bottle full of water near the grill when I'm grilling fatty foods in case there is a flare. Water is not the best solution for grease fires but It does subdue the flames a little. I would prefer not to.use a fire extinguisher. Did your grease fire continue to burn even after you left the grill alone? Did you determine where the flames were coming from?
  6. Wait! You are going to tell the judge you were falling asleep at the wheel so you drove faster! Seriously!
  7. If your case involves uncontested liability and reasonably appropriate and necessary medical cost of over twice the policy limits. and documented long term pain and suffering there are few adjusters who would not throw in the limits This is especially true where the limits are as low as $15,000. I suspect your case has a problem somewhere
  8. Not clear. Is your friend living in the house where you rented space? Where is "here" as in "when I got here"? Did you live in the house prior to the lockout? What does helping your friend have to do with anything?
  9. We know very little about your case except that you were rear ended and claim 32k in medical bills. There must be some problem with the case if the insurer is not throwing in its policy limits. Not doing so exposes their insured to a possible huge excess verdict. What explanation did the adjuster give you for disregarding the medical expense?
  10. Some one probably will.
  11. The bondsman, sometimes called a bounty hunter, is authorized to use reasonable force to arrest and bring the defendant to court. In Arkansas: "§ 16-84-114 - Surrender of defendant. .b) (1) For the purpose of surrendering the defendant, the surety may obtain from the officer having in his or her custody the bail bond or recognizance a certified copy thereof, and thereupon at any place in the state may arrest the defendant." if the defendant believes there is an error, he or she should take that up with the judge after he or she is returned to the court.
  12. The "first sale doctrine" only applies if you purchased the item from the trademark owner. It clearly does not apply if you are selling counterfeit articles. That leads me to suspect you do not
  13. You may be granted spousal support. Your spouse may be required to provide you with health care insurance, if she can reasonably afford to do so. You will be entitled to part of the marital assets. Upon termination of a marriage the court's focus, and essentially only legal focus, is division of assets and income. The fact that you are disabled may enter into your need for support and health insurance. That is about as far as your wife's responsibility and your rights extend. Divorce almost always results in anger, but anger does not increase the rights of the abandoned spouse.
  14. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Please proof read before posting and try to use a little punctuation. Your posts are very hard to interpret.
  15. The judge orders the bond forfeited. Then the bondsman tries to have the bond reinstated by hauling you up before the court. Interestingly, a bondsman, and his agents, is not usually bound by the constitutional restraints that may apply to the police. Don't mess with a bondsman. It is not the responsibility of the bondsman to inform you of your court dates.
  16. If the collateral is real property, you could start a foreclosure action. However, it would depend on whether the handwritten promissory note would constitute a valid mortgage. I'm betting it won't. If the collateral is personal property, such as a car, it may be possible to take possession. Again, it depends on how the security agreement is written. I suggest you consult an attorney who can review the situation and the document.
  17. A spouse leaving his or her spouse is certainly not a criminal act. It would allow the deserted spouse to file a divorce action or an action for spousal support, depending on the circumstances. That the deserted spouse is disabled may enter into the spousal support equation.
  18. A quick survey of Wyoming bond conditions indicates a typical bond condition in Laramie County, for example, is: "THE DEFENDANT shall not leave Laramie County, Wyoming without prior approval of this Court and shall maintain contact with his attorney." See, https://www.laramiecounty.com/_officials/DistrictCourtClerk/posting_a_bond.aspx However, I had one case where the judge agreed to stay the case on condition the defendant "get the he-- out of our city and never return." He came back and got a year in jail for stealing a six pack of beer from a 7-11.
  19. The poster did say he or she was in Illinois. However, the "tag" the state function doesn't seem to work any more. Virtually no one is usingit.
  20. Okay, it is clear that the "order" was drafted by people that don't know how to draft orders. That is the problem here. Expectations and guesses have no place in a court order. Noe, you have to deal with the clnsequences.
  21. Of course there is. You sue the company in small claims court. Whether it is worth your time and effort to do so is your choice.
  22. You did not identify your state. However, it is likely your state has some sort of a department of child support enforcement that may be able to assist you. Apply for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and the relevant agency should get involved.
  23. Since they don't own the property on which the mobile home sits they can be evicted from the park. Push it to the limit if you wish and the mobile home will also have to be removed from the park.
  24. Not clear. Who is "they"? How did "they" make the loan a long term loan? Why would anyone agree to such take a loan?
  25. I suppose they can "say" anything they want to. Has anyone been evicted for "sitting in breezeway"? Is there any written notice from HUD you can cite that says people can be evicted for sitting in the breezeway?
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