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  1. Does this relate to your refusal to submit to a baseline evaluation in June? If so, I believe we have respondd at length.
  2. We don't know anything about your case. However, one might guess that it is not very good if five lawyers have considered it and declined to represent you. Have you applied for unemployment insurance?
  3. Not really sure what you think anyone here can do. I am assuming the manager gave your friend a verbal or written trespass notice forbidding her from coming on the premises. She can do that for any reason not forbidden under constitutional protections, such as race, religion, national origin, etc. Apparently the manager believes your friend spat at her. It is not I portent that is true or not. Banning someone from property is not a criminal process requiring proof the basis for the banning.
  4. The answer to the question depends on the state.where the event occurred. Why don't people realize this? Also, it doesn't matter if the OP and his wife are retired.
  5. You did not name the state where the divorce was entered. In some states the support automatically becomes a judgment as it becomes due. So the issue may be the time limit on enforcement of judgments, not the statute of limitations.
  6. What does it say in your original agreement about utility bills? I assume you did sign a lease agreement at some point. Do you have that document?
  7. You do realize the videos could also be used against you, don't you?
  8. You also need to talk to your PD about how much time you may actually serve. Again, I do not practice in Indiana but it appears six years executed may be less than three years actual with good time. Early release may also be available. For all these reasons, you need to talk to the PD about what the actual time in prison will be.
  9. I can't imagine why you would think a group of anonymous strangers, none of whom practice in Indiana, could possibly know what an unknown prosecutor would be susceptible to. Ask your public defender.
  10. RetiredinVA


    You should consult a New York attorney and discuss your situation. DWI penalties vary depending on the time between charges and whether there are other serious offenses. It is possible your driving privilege has been revoked permanently. Four DwI's plus one other serious offense results in a permanent denial. When you sent in your request, what was the response or reason for the rejections?
  11. Not sure what anyone here can do to help you. You said there is an order requiring you to hand the child over to the father at 4:00pm Sunday. I guess that is today. If you don't do it, you may be held in contempt of the court. Then you will have an opportunity to explain why you violated the order. We know nothing about the situation from the perspective of the father so there is nothing we can really suggest except, get a lawyer.
  12. Cases involving minors are tried in Juvenile Court's by a judge, generally because of confidentiality requirements.
  13. People who faint are not subject to the terms of a Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatment. The failure to take any measures to resuscitate the patient only applies if the patient is not breathing and has no pulse. Download and read the form.
  14. In Pennsylvania, as in most states, cases involving minors are tried by a Juvenile Court Judge, not a jury.
  15. After thirty years of marriage, one would suspect all the couple's property would be jointly owned. That means there would not be an estate to be distributed.
  16. You are assuming folks on this site know what WeWork is and how it affects your relationship with the owner of the building where you do your work. Does WeWork have a contract that forbids users of their services from parking in the lot? BTW, why did you not tag the state where this is occurring?
  17. That depends on the state, which is not defined. At least in Virginia, and a few other states, real estate usually does not pass through the estate, unless it is necessary to sell it to pay debts. Unless the will says otherwise, real property passes directly to the devisees upon the death of the testators. So we do run into cases like this occasionally. When that happens the only solution is a partition suit. I am curious about whether the step-child signed the listing agreement and why the other children believe they do not have to give the step-child his share. If this in a state where the realty is part of the estate there should be no need for any of the devisees to sign the deed. The dispute then is between the step-child and the executor.
  18. You have given us such vague allegation that it is impossible to comment. Do you have specific questions?
  19. RetiredinVA

    owi - iowa

    The obligation to submit to the urine test is not directly related to the charges. As a condition of acquiring the privilege of driving you agreed to take a test and agreed to give up your license if you refused. The suspension of your right to drive is administrative and not criminal.
  20. It doesn't matter whether the loan is listed on the schedules or not. If the creditor was aware of the debt and if the omission of the debt does not cause injury to the creditors, it is discharged.
  21. If you are looking for some legal definition of carpet life I think you will be disappointed. If it were me I would rent a steamer and give it a once over.
  22. RetiredinVA

    owi - iowa

    Your license was suspended because you refused the urine test. That has nothing to do with whether you were convicted or acquitted. Your acquittal occurred, at least partially, because you refused the test, which was objectively reasonable given the narration of the crash. I don't see what basis you would have for appeal.
  23. In reading the initial post, it seems the company does not require the employee to reveal any of the information listed. It authorizes the company to collect and store the information.
  24. "Writing off" debts does not necessarily mean the debt is forgiven. It is basically a bookkeeping function that removes the debt from the list of court assets. However, the debt can still be collected, for instance, by collection agencies which purchase the debts for pennies on the dollar. Of course, the order you posted only applies to public defender fees anyway.
  25. It would be a big help if you would read what you have written before posting it because it makes no sense.
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