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  1. If he was married it is possible, if not probable, there was no probate proceeding.
  2. That is one of the consequences of committing a crime and then violating parole. The justice system proceeds at its own slow pace and can seldom be sped up. In the future your fiancé may learn to be more careful.
  3. First, Brandon hasn't been around for over five years. If you want to start a discussion without requiring people to leaf through long dead threads, please start a new issue. Second, it is not up to the police officer to decide what is careless driving. It is up to the trier of the facts, as described by the officer or indicated by the other evidence. Many such laws exist and have elements that cannot be scientifically defined but which are regularly upheld by the courts. The "reasonable doubt" criteria used in criminal jury trials is probably the most outstanding example.
  4. Yeah, it's legal. Why would the tickets be "taken care of when he went to prison"? I assume the tickets were more than parking tickets. Were they tickets that might have resulted in jail terms? If so, his presence would have been required so he could plead and be sentenced. That requirement is not waived because he is in prison. I suggest he retain counsel in the relevant counties to straighten it out. He may be given credit for time served on the other charges.
  5. The corect answer is yes and the employer is her company. What is vague about that question? I assume also that she files a Schedule C with her tax return reflecting her self employed income and deductions.
  6. Your citations refer to providing copies of medical records and the relationship between providing copies of records and, payment for service. Nothing there requires or refers to "correcting" medical records. Few, if any, will change medical records on demand by their patients.
  7. If the "whore of Babylon" is actually his wife, and is not just a figure of speech, and if he had no childen, she would be the only beneficiary.
  8. Your post is quite unclear. If I read it correctly, you and your fiance are trying to get custody of your stepchild. But your husband has court ordered custody. It also appears the child is the child of a woman to whom your husband is not married. The child is in the care of her grandmother. If all that is true, I am wondering on what basis you would have any standing to demand custody of the child. Raising the child for eighteen months does not make you the mother or confer any parenting rights upon you versus the child's biological family. If my understanding of the fact is incorrect, let us know.
  9. I started to resd your story but gave up about half way through. It seemed to be something about a "boot camp" type outing that was stressful to you. It appears the problem was that you didn't know the other people signed up for the outing were all male and were mean to you. It seems you want to take legal action to require the organizer to inform other applicant's that the participants in their outings are mostly male. Is that it?
  10. All a notary does is certify that the signatures on a document are the true signatures. The court doesn't care about the validity of the signatures. The relevant fact is that the tenant was properly served with the notice.
  11. You were undoubtedly hired as an independent contractor. As such, you were not an employee and the firm you were contracted with was not required to withhold your taxes, FICA, Medicare, etc. If they had done so your paycheck would probably have been considerably less than you contracted to be paid and you would have been complaining about that.
  12. This is a duplicate post and should not be tacked onto someone else's thread.
  13. What state? I assume you are not married to your daughter's father. I also assume her father did not have a will. I also assume your daughter is her father's only child. If all that is true, your daughter would be her father's sole heir and would be entitled to his entire estate. To take control of the estate she would have to apply to the probate court in the county or city where her father resided at the time of his death to be the administrator of his estate. That would allow her to take control of the assets but would also obligate her to use the assets to pay her father's debts. Whether the reward is worth the burden is something we cannot weigh.
  14. All anyone can tell you is to sue the first mechanic in smalll claims court for your $5,000. Since it sounds as if he has nomoney it is unlikely you will evercollect on any judgment you will get.
  15. The mortgage payment is required to be made on or before a specific date, usually the first of the month. Most mortgage notes require a late fee if the payment is more than a few days late. It is sometimes called a "grace period" Five days is common. If you made your payment after the grace period you must pay a late fee which accrues. Did you pay all the late fees that accrued?
  16. Of course she can control where her assets go. Subject,however to some statutary rights of her husband. Get her to a lawyer forthe preparation of a new will and for advice about her husband's rights.
  17. Amending your tax return will not result in taxes that were not withheld being paid by the employer. Why would you think they would be?
  18. If the situation is so bad you should be glad to move. The landlord can evict you forno reason at all.
  19. Who do you want to sue and why do you think you have a case against them?
  20. How old is your son? If he is over eighteen it is unlikely the police department is going to break its collective necks investigating your parental concerns.
  21. No, you have evidence that one mechanic believed the vehicle needed only front brakes and another mechanic believed you needed work on all four wheels. If the matter went to court in a civil dispute, you would have to present the first mechanic and qualify him as an expert witness on the subject of brake repair. The dealer would do the same with his mechanic and the finder of fact would decide which they believed more credible. Your concern about the warranty contains the operative word "if". One does not win legal disputes based on future possibilities. Anyway, you are looking for criminal sanctions and I doubt the district attorney is going to act on your righteous anger. But, you never know. BTW, as a shade tree mechanic for over forty-five years, and having replaced many pads, rotors and calipers, my opinion is there is no difference between any of them. They are not high tech rocket parts. Buy the cheapest rebuilt calipers and new rotors and pads.
  22. No. The 30 day notice is notice that your lease will end at the time of the first renewal period that is more than 30 days later. In other words, in your case, it means your lease ended on March 1. The fact that you paid the rent for February did not extend your lease beyond February 28. You were obligated to pay the rent until the end of February. A three day notice is a notice to pay your outstanding rent within three days or quit the premises. It has nothing to do with the termination of the lease pursuant to the thirty day notice. It is an entirey separate basis for eviction. The three day notice and thirty day notice procedures are not mutually exclusive and the landlord can proceed on both in the same action.
  23. Did the mechanic complete the brake replacement job? Why doyou have an estimate the includedonlyreplaementof the front pads and rotors if the othermechanic replaced the complete system? I doubt any district attorney is going to show any interest in an autoshop substituting parts. But, you can try.
  24. Don't tag on to a four year dead thread. If your license plate was obscured or your plate light was out, the officer was authorized to stop you. The officer probably gives careful attention to anyone driving anywhere at 3:30 aam because the probability is high that they are on their way home from a saloon. It was legal.
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