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  1. So, the tailight was intermittently off. That is defective equipment in anyone's book and justifies a traffic stop. Follwing that it appears your friend has an outstanding warrant which justifies a search of his body pursuant to custody. What exactly doy ou think would require dismissal of any of the charges?
  2. I doubt you have any legal recourse because you bought the property as is.
  3. In Kansas the Judges, Sheriffs and District Attorneys are all elected by the voters for terms of four years. In particular cases there are appeal processes that can be used to challenge erroneous or abusive behavior by the public officials.
  4. Since we have no idea where you live, what your relation is to the child, why you want to adopt the child, and how the parents will react to the adoption, we can have no idea. Call a domestic relations focused lawyer for a consultation.
  5. Did you ever consider using fictitious names for the characters or using a false name as author ( see "nom de plume")? If your book were to be accepted by a major publisher their legal staff would advise you.
  6. yes. it would bbe called "unjust enrichment" and could be pursued in small claims court. whether it is worth $600 to you to do so is up to you.
  7. It sounds as if the will sets up and contains the terms of a testamentary trust. Without knowing the exact language in the will defining the trust it is impossible to predict the discretion of the trustee. Please quote the exact language of the trust.
  8. Adoption and termination of rights ends any connection between the child and parents. If the parents "appeal" for visitation they will be the same as any person on the street. That is, they no longer have any "right" to visit the child. The adoptive parents have the absolute right to prevent visitation if they choose.
  9. I have never heard of an insurance company's attorney interviewing an alleged accident victim on the same day as the accident. Apparently lawyers in Chicago are way more aggressivethan any I have ever met. Never the less, I am not aware of any legal or ethical bar to the attorney's actions. Certainly the hospital staff had no duty to prevent the attorney from interviewing you. Although you may have been under the influence of pain relieving medication, that would not have prevented you from being truthful during the interview.
  10. What does that mean? Why do you have custody? Where does your husband fit in this matter? Are you receiving child support from the children's parents? Have you applied for it? You really haven't described the situation at all.
  11. RetiredinVA


    Report the assault to the police and the principal.
  12. What does it say about custody and notice of changes in circumstances in your divorce decree? Ask the person who told you where he found the laws governing your rights to this information.
  13. My great-grandfather's obituary said he was a lieutenant in the Navy and sailed with Perry to Japan. His pension records said he was a coal shoveler, third class, and was mustered out at the end of the War Between the States. But he did get to spend a six month vacation at a southern resort called Andersonville. Obituaries are often very creative exercises.
  14. Why ask anonymous strangers about your condo association's rights and powers. There are a condo conditions and restrictions ,as well as bylaws, that are all potentially relevant and of which we are totally ignorant. Anything we say would be a total guess. If you have an attorney in Florida ask him or her.
  15. Notify your insurer! This is why you have insurance.
  16. If he was married it is possible, if not probable, there was no probate proceeding.
  17. That is one of the consequences of committing a crime and then violating parole. The justice system proceeds at its own slow pace and can seldom be sped up. In the future your fiancé may learn to be more careful.
  18. First, Brandon hasn't been around for over five years. If you want to start a discussion without requiring people to leaf through long dead threads, please start a new issue. Second, it is not up to the police officer to decide what is careless driving. It is up to the trier of the facts, as described by the officer or indicated by the other evidence. Many such laws exist and have elements that cannot be scientifically defined but which are regularly upheld by the courts. The "reasonable doubt" criteria used in criminal jury trials is probably the most outstanding example.
  19. Yeah, it's legal. Why would the tickets be "taken care of when he went to prison"? I assume the tickets were more than parking tickets. Were they tickets that might have resulted in jail terms? If so, his presence would have been required so he could plead and be sentenced. That requirement is not waived because he is in prison. I suggest he retain counsel in the relevant counties to straighten it out. He may be given credit for time served on the other charges.
  20. The corect answer is yes and the employer is her company. What is vague about that question? I assume also that she files a Schedule C with her tax return reflecting her self employed income and deductions.
  21. Your citations refer to providing copies of medical records and the relationship between providing copies of records and, payment for service. Nothing there requires or refers to "correcting" medical records. Few, if any, will change medical records on demand by their patients.
  22. If the "whore of Babylon" is actually his wife, and is not just a figure of speech, and if he had no childen, she would be the only beneficiary.
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