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  1. One part of your explanation is not clear. You say you left the premises two months early and the landlord relet the premises within days. When you say he relet the premises do you mean he actually received rent from the new tenant for the remaining two month of you leaving. Or did he obtain a new tenant who would take possession and commence paying rent at the end of the two month period? Anyway, an appeal cannot be based on errors of the party or his or her attorney in presenting evidence or focusing on the wrong issues. In a civil case, it can only be based on errors by the judge in deciding issues of law in the case that have been brought to the attention of the judge during the trial.
  2. You may certainly ask. But, facts matter. Simply saying a person has "his identity stolen" conveys no information on which comment can be made. Is someone pretending to be him? Did someone start credit card accounts in his name? Did someone get arrested and give his identity as there own? If the identity theft happened years ago, is it still ongoing? Provide some context, please.
  3. I would be reluctant to jump to the conclusion the brother has committed malfeasance or any criminal action. The comment that the trust was charged $8,543.06 for the cost of an automobile which the poster claims was given to him before his mother's death may explain the bulk of the alleged deficiency. If the title did not change before his mother's death it could be considered an incomplete gift and the charge may have been proper.
  4. It doesn't sound as if there anythinng illegal about what you are describing. So it is difficult to imagine what kind of "recourse" a disgruntled employee might be entitled to.
  5. What was he charged with? In responding,lease try to use proper punctuation. Your question is very hard to read and understand.
  6. You can file suit for return of your property. Whether it is worth doing so is up to you.
  7. Hearing loss is covered by workers compensation in Tennessee and may be permanent partial disability. However, there is a statute of limitations of one year after the claim arose or within one year after the employee last worked for the employer who was responsible for the injury. See e.g. https://www.tncourts.gov/sites/default/files/westbyopn.pdf Are you still working for the employer? I question whether the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act applies unless the injury to your hesaring was due to exposure to radiation. But, you say you are eligible, so . . .
  8. Have the water and gas company explained this when you called them and asked? I'm really not sure how I can answer this sitting here at my computer.
  9. I think you have it backward. The landlord is not legally required to let your daughter be a new tenant. The landlord does not have to "defend" his or her decision unless his or her decision is based on a constitutional violation, such as denying her new lease on the basis of race, religion, sex, etc.
  10. Nancy24. Are you the person who was involuntarily committed in April 2018? Sybil referred to the person who was committed as "he" and "him" suggesting the patient was male. Assuming you are the person who was committed, your recourse, if any, would be against the physician who authorized the committment. The petitioner simply suggests there is a person in need of help. The examining physician is the person making the determination.
  11. Duplicate post. Also tagged on to someone elses thread. Please start you own thread.
  12. Your spouse is not liable for your child support and her house will not be taken. Did you and your spouse happen to have filed aa joint Income tax return?
  13. Do you have a question? BTW, when you posted your message did you notice the box that said "Tag your state." Whatdid you think that meant?
  14. Going back could possibly, toll or suspend, the statute of limitations under the "continuing treatment" rule. But only if the physician continues treating the condition giving rise to the claim. But you need to stop looking for advice from a bunch of anonymous strangers, who may or not be lawyers, and consult a local attorney
  15. Frankly, no one on this internet message board can do anything to help you. You need to retain an attorney.
  16. If the estate has not been subject to probate, your step mother is not the executrix of the estate. The probate court appoints the executrix (or administrator if there is no will). Perhaps you mean your step mother has been nominated as executrix. Simply nominating a person as executrix in a willdoes not make them the executrix. You say your step mother says your father's will no longer exists but then say the will must be submitted to the surrogate court. If there is a will and it leaves everything to your stepmother, there are no "waivers" involved. Your post shows you are confused about estate administration. It might be wise to consult a local attorney to learn about what is involved.
  17. If your question is "Is it legal for a company to discipline a supervisor for loss of money due to acts of his subordinates?" the answer depends on the nature of the discipline. If the discipline chosen, for instance, counselling or reprimand, is otherwise legal, the answer is yes. If the discipline is not legal, for example withholding of wages otherwise due, the answer is no.
  18. Please explain further. According to your post the person only went to court once but was "booked" twice. Why was the person "booked" twice. If there was only one conviction, that is all that should be considered.
  19. You may be interested to know there is no such thing as "civil extortion." Pleas see, Bass v. Morgan, 516 So. 2d 1011 (Fla. 3d D.C.A. 1987) . Extortion is a criminal act but it does not give rise to a civil action for damages, compensatory or punitive.
  20. Do you have any documentation of your agreement to purchase the vehicle, such as a purchase agreement or, at least, a cancelled check. I would take a more direct approach, Thai is, I would consult the police and tell them you believe you may have been cheated out of the payment you made and ask them to determine if the vehicle is stolen.
  21. Since this involves a single city or water utility, I would suggest you consult an attorney in that city for advice. I would be surprised if a municipal water supplier is required to run a water main to an individual house for free upon request.
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