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  1. A portion of your father's estate should go to his children since they are not the children of his wife. The amount depends on the division between community property (earned during the marriage) and his separate property, (owned by him before the marriage). Parsing it out could be difficult. Your stepmother's estate, including whatever she inherited from your father, will go to her children.
  2. How do you know the retailer knew the phone wasn't theirs to begin with. Apparently the phone had a valid id and could be activated on your son's account and used for for more than 60 days. Has you son contacted T-mobile about how much is owed on the phone?
  3. Depends. You are a little light on facts here.
  4. Get what thrown out? Miranda rights only means the statements you made cannot be used against you. You have not told us what was found in the vehicle or what charges were made against you. You need to get a lawyer and talk to the lawyer only.
  5. I read the court order but found nothing in it about personal use only of the right of way. Have your neighbors or their attorney cited anything to you that would indicate only personal use of the right of way is permitted. BTW, the fact (?) the other property owners may be using the right of way for business doesn't grant you the same right. It really just means you can similarly enjoin them from doing so if it is improper.
  6. I don't seeanything in the portionofthe decree you quoted that limits the use of the road to non-business uses. What is the basis for the neighbor's claim?
  7. Unfortunately, there are those who believe the government assigns a cusip number to everyone who is issued a birth certificate printed on forms issued by the American Banknote Corporation. That company produces paper used for secure printing and has nothing to do with the United States government. However . . . Believers in the cusip number actually believe they have a monetary value reflected in their cusip account. Look it up.
  8. I think you may be referring to your "CUSIP" number. It is a number assigned to you by an unidentified federal agency identifying you as a corporation who can be bought and sold to investors. It may be present on your birth (berth) certificate or social security card in invisible red ink. It can also be decoded using you berth certificate name, in all caps, and your social security number. The decoding procedure can be found on several internet sites unless the government has shut them all down, which is a possibility. Your berth certificate is not the asset, YOU are the asset. The only danger in listing your cusip on your bankruptcy form is that your owner may take you away and lock you up in a state hospital for the insane to prevent you from revealing to the world the existence of the government's plan. After you read this put a piece of paper over the screen of you computer to keep THEM from reading it.
  9. “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.” Omar Khayyám
  10. The rental agent for a landlord has little or no duty to a prospective tenant, especially one whose reaction "could include violence and / or legal redress? (rhetorical question)".
  11. Yeah. The person who takes over your share of the three party lease must be acceptable to the landlord and the other co-tenants. The landlord can't simply order the co-tenants to accept the next person who comes along. This may be the first and most important part of your education. Contracts impose obligations!
  12. One part of your explanation is not clear. You say you left the premises two months early and the landlord relet the premises within days. When you say he relet the premises do you mean he actually received rent from the new tenant for the remaining two month of you leaving. Or did he obtain a new tenant who would take possession and commence paying rent at the end of the two month period? Anyway, an appeal cannot be based on errors of the party or his or her attorney in presenting evidence or focusing on the wrong issues. In a civil case, it can only be based on errors by the judge in deciding issues of law in the case that have been brought to the attention of the judge during the trial.
  13. You may certainly ask. But, facts matter. Simply saying a person has "his identity stolen" conveys no information on which comment can be made. Is someone pretending to be him? Did someone start credit card accounts in his name? Did someone get arrested and give his identity as there own? If the identity theft happened years ago, is it still ongoing? Provide some context, please.
  14. I would be reluctant to jump to the conclusion the brother has committed malfeasance or any criminal action. The comment that the trust was charged $8,543.06 for the cost of an automobile which the poster claims was given to him before his mother's death may explain the bulk of the alleged deficiency. If the title did not change before his mother's death it could be considered an incomplete gift and the charge may have been proper.
  15. It doesn't sound as if there anythinng illegal about what you are describing. So it is difficult to imagine what kind of "recourse" a disgruntled employee might be entitled to.
  16. What was he charged with? In responding,lease try to use proper punctuation. Your question is very hard to read and understand.
  17. You can file suit for return of your property. Whether it is worth doing so is up to you.
  18. Hearing loss is covered by workers compensation in Tennessee and may be permanent partial disability. However, there is a statute of limitations of one year after the claim arose or within one year after the employee last worked for the employer who was responsible for the injury. See e.g. https://www.tncourts.gov/sites/default/files/westbyopn.pdf Are you still working for the employer? I question whether the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act applies unless the injury to your hesaring was due to exposure to radiation. But, you say you are eligible, so . . .
  19. Have the water and gas company explained this when you called them and asked? I'm really not sure how I can answer this sitting here at my computer.
  20. I think you have it backward. The landlord is not legally required to let your daughter be a new tenant. The landlord does not have to "defend" his or her decision unless his or her decision is based on a constitutional violation, such as denying her new lease on the basis of race, religion, sex, etc.
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