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  1. File a motion to hold her in contempt of court if it continues. That is your only real option.
  2. I think you have posted about this issue three times now. The answers will probably be the same. If the grandmother filed to terminate your daughter's parental rights in Texas it is pretty obvious she needs to hire a Texas attorney to help her. The attorney can deal with the venue problem. You can help by helping your daughter pay the attorney's fees.
  3. Your post is packed with irrelevant information, such as your education. What happened that resulted in the restraining order?
  4. There are a lot of people who work and have never filed tax returns. I have had several as clients. They were usually cash basis painters or handymen. There were illegal immidrants who gave their employer false social security numbers and moved on when the IRS notified the employer the SSN didn't match their records. The issue sometimes came up when the client was injured and asked for lost income damages.
  5. In Ohio, grandparents have limited visitation rights. According to the findlaw summary of grandparent visitation rights: In Ohio: A court may grant visitation rights if the child's parents are deceased, divorced, separated, were parties to a suit for annulment or child support, or were never married to one another. Grandparents must show they have an interest in the child's welfare. Adoption cuts off the visitation rights of grandparents unless adoption is granted to a stepparent. In Texas: The custody statute does not provide statutory factors for a court to determine proper custody. Conditions for grandparent visitation rights include a determination that one of the child's parents is deceased, incompetent, incarcerated, or has had his or her parental rights terminated. Visitation may also be awarded if the parents are divorced, the child has been abused or neglected, the child has been adjudicated a delinquent or in need of supervision, or the child has lived with the grandparent for at least six months within 24 months of the filing of the petition for visitation. Adoption cuts off the visitation rights of the grandparent unless the adoption is granted to a stepparent.
  6. Disclosure requirements are state specific. You did not identify the state where this occurred. Was the garage door open during the rain storm? As a side question, when you posted your question there was a box that asked you to "tag the state" Did that suggest to you that you should identify the relevant state?
  7. What is the nature of the "flooding"? Is your home filled with water or is it flooding in the yard?
  8. I would assume the utility company has an easement over the area where the hole was dug. If that is the case, they have the right to keep the hole open until they have finished whatever they were doing.
  9. This appears to be a restatement of a prior thread. One possible problem is that apparently none of your ex-husband's representations were under oath. If that is not correct, please state so. It sounds as if every thing was discussed and arranged through a mediator. However, you also mention an arbitrator and said the arbitrator "ruled" that your "earnings" ended when you ex-husband changed jobs. There is a difference between an arbitrator and a mediator. Which was it? Also, you vacillate between "earnings" and "alimony" and "asset". You said you had an attorney. You need to discuss this with your attorney who should know exactly what happened and can advise you as to future action, if any.
  10. Termination of parental rights will require a court hearing and notice to both parents if adoption is planned. YOUR DAUGHTER should immediately hire an attorney You have no standing to do anything except, possibly, loan your daughter the money for her legal fees. An attorney should be able to get the matter moved back to Ohio if that is where the child was raised.
  11. It's not that no one on this site wants to touch the issue. But, you posted your original question only four hours ago and suggested we weren't interested an hour ago. The folks who post here are not employees or even volunteers. And, we don't give legal advice. But it is pretty obvious that the mother has to hire an attorney to file for custody in Ohio so she has legal documentation of her custody. I am sure questions will arise, such as: why did she wait seven months to takes action, and where is the father in all this.
  12. The fourth amendment does not apply to non-government individuals. So the entry of the parents to the apartment was not an illegal search. What was the reaction of the police when the son-in-law reported the theft of his drugs to the police?
  13. No. The officer has neither the responsibility nor authority to reverse the judgment of the court. He is not a party to the case, he was a witness. You will have to petition the court to reopen the case. You might start with contacting the office of the commonwealth attorney in the county where it occurred. Do it quickly because your license will be suspended for failure to pay the fines adding further complexity to the matter.
  14. There is nothing anyone here can do to help him. He needs to get a lawyer.
  15. She can sue anyone if she has the filing fee. Who do you think is responsible for her stress? Is the person who did the shooting able to pay the hospital bill?
  16. The procedure is to reduce the funds paid to the seller by the prorated amount of the taxes to be paid. This should have been reflected on the settlement statement you got during the closing.
  17. I have no idea what that means. It is not likely o have any impact at all on the requirement of the supporting to pay the required support, it that is what you mean. Blame is generally not considered a factor in determining need or ability to pay support.
  18. The judgment creditor is only entitled to collect your sister's interest in the property. However, the purchaser's or mortgage company's title insurance company may have a problem with the sale of the property. When your mother died and the will was recorded, the judgment creditor's lien attached to her interest i n the property. The title insurer will undoubtedly require the judgment creditor to agree to file a satisfaction of the judgment to the extent the lien is paid. You may need legal help to get the issue resolved.
  19. There is no way anyone here can help your son. It is not necessary for the police to show you the warrant in order to do the search. California allows adults to possess 28.5 grams of marijuana. That is about one ounce. Your son had three ounces or three time the legal amount. That would tend to indicate he is a dealer. He needs a lawyer big time.
  20. The warrant authorized the officers to search the premises and seize any illegal substances and evidence on the premises. It is not necessary for the warrant to identify the person's on the premises. Having found illegal substances in your purse, it was appropriate to seize your phone, since it could be used to identify your dealer or, possibly, your customers. Your money was, arguably, the proceeds of drug dealing and was also subject to seizure, pending further court proceedings. Nothing that happened to you was illegal.
  21. Show up and explain to the police why you are there. I assume you have some evidence showing you live in the house, such as a driver's license, utility bill, magazine with your address on it, etc. You legal remedy is to file a suit for return of your property.
  22. I believe you may be misinterpreting Dodd-Frank. It allows an entity to originate up to three seller financed loans per year without registering as a mortgage loan originator. The lender must be a natural person, estate, or trust that owns the property being financed. It does not allow financing, listing or selling of properties not owned by the entity. In other words, it does not allow unlicensed real estate sales.
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