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  1. According to your original post, the defendants advised the court that it lacked personal jurisdiction over them. Based on that the court issued an order dismissing the case; If that is correct, the defendants did respond and the court found their response persuasive. Obviously whatever they alleged was sufficient to convince the court. We have no indication who you alleged were the defendnats in the case so have no way of considering whether the defendants' response was proper and sufficient. The court obviously felt it was.
  2. You have certainly burdened us with a wealth of facts. Therefore the answer is maybe or maybe not, depending.
  3. If a creditor,has a valid judgment, knows where you work, and is receiving regular payments from your employer, they have little or no reason to accept anything except full payment of the judgment plus interest and costs. Why would you think otherwise?
  4. Ignore them unless and until they file suit.
  5. Doesn't matter if you are correct or not. Your claim was dismissed. You could have filed a new claim based on matters that were actionable. You would,of course, have to file your new claim within the limitations period. Did you do so?
  6. A Texas criminal or post sentencing specialist may be able to answer your question. Good time, early release, and other such provisions are extremely complicated and sometimes don't make a lot of sense. Be happy she is coming home.
  7. This is not a lawyer referral site and you should not expect any of the participants to respond to you privately. There is a "find a lawyer"tab at the top of the findlaw pages whichyou can use to findan attorney. However, I suspect you claims are probably barred by the statute of limitations. Also, hard to imagine haw the freedom of information act will be relevant to your issues.
  8. Since we have no way of interpreting a document we have never seen it is impossible to give any concrete answers to your questions. Everything about a trust is to be interpreted according to the words on the paper. I suggest you take a copy of the trust document to a local estate and trust attorney for an interpretation.
  9. What if you just buy a ticket from Indiana to California and avoid going to jail? Can you not accept the fact that you have no legal right to keep your nephew from his father?
  10. There is no way for us to predict what the prosecutor will do in your case. Talk to your lawyer.
  11. There is no law that requires a merchant to accept returns unless it is clearly stated that items may be returned. Whether a merchant accepts returns or not is a matter of policy and customer relations. Your problem is a customer relations problem, not a legal problem.
  12. There are really no significant legal issues in your story. The question is whether the prosecutor and eventuaally the judge or jury believes you knew nothing about the drugs or gun. That is a fact question. It is up to your attorney to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against you or successfully defend you in court. I doubt there is anything you can learn here that would help you or your attorney. BTW, Justin is not your friend.
  13. Of course there are laws about involuntary commitment. Apparently you reported that someone you know was in a serious mental health crisis state. Once you did so the person was examined and found to require involuntary commitment. At that point you are no longer involved. The decision to hold the person for up to five days for evaluation and treatment is up to the medical professionals. Although it was required that someone initiate the commitment the petitioner need not be involved at all thereafter. Unless you are the person who was committed you have no standing to fight anything.
  14. Your post is not very clear. Guardian for who? How were you involved with the guardian and the ward? What company did you inform? How was the company you worked for involved with anything? When did you go to the doctor for the infection? How do you know the flea bite caused the infection and that the flea belonged to the guardian's dog?
  15. You could be arrested for kidnapping.
  16. Seriously? Go to the library and check out a book on how to start a business.
  17. If it involves the same issue, you should get the record of the first filing and file it with the second court as an exhibit to a motion to mdismiss the second filing. Then ask the second court to sanction her for repetitive, frivolous and vexatious filing.
  18. Realize you could be fired for almost any reason or for no reason at all unless you had a contract or were subject to a union contract. Failure of the lab to follow federal standards and chain of custody rules may make test results inadmissible in a criminal prosecution, but such rules do not apply when an employer is merely suspicious of employee behavior and trying to figure out why the employee is "acting wierd".
  19. We would have to read the warranty. If it is not in writing you probably have no case against the mechanic. You are not a party to the warranty agreement and do not benefit from the warranty unless the warranty expressly says so. You may have a claim against the person who sold you the vehicle.
  20. My take on this is that the poster is the victim of a confidence game. They demonstrated a willingness to hand over $2000 to someone who just gave them an estimate. They are now concerned about whether they have to pay $50,000 when nothing at all has been done. The posters should call the police immediately. BTW to the posters: How old are you?
  21. Putative: I must have missed the "short tempered" part of the post. Nothing in the post indicated that the police officers mistreated the poster with any disrespect, except detaining her for what she considered excessive time and handcuffing her.
  22. I asked what happened at trial. Was your son sentenced to jail, fined $1,500, and his vehicle confiscated? If so I would be very surprised that would happen with non-moving violations. Operating a vehicle without plates is a civil infraction with no possibility of jail (257.255). Operating without insurance is also a civil infraction with no possibility of jail (257.328) Michigan does allow for temporary tags and also allows operating of a vehicle without tags for a limited period, provided the title is in the vehicle. Did you son get the title? You need to calm down a bit.
  23. I would suggest to your son that he immediately obtain insurance on the vehicle and he immediately obtain proper license tags. If he does so the court may very well dismiss the charges as having complied. That is a heck of a lot cheaper than hiring an attorney. If he had done it before his first appearance the matter might have been dismissed right then and there.
  24. so, what happened in court? The officer and the court may have reasonably believed your son had been riding the bike and that it had only recently (within the last few minutes) become operational. Your son was entitled to testify and submit proof the bike was not operational but the judge needn't believe him. Why did the bike have tags on it that did not belong on that bike? Regarding the ticket: the citation given your son was a notice to him that he was being charged with violations. If the officer made notes on his copy of the citation that does not invalidate the charges.