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    Selling mobile home without title

    Maybe you could figure out the answer yourself, if you had half a brain.
  2. Huh? What is this doing here?
  3. RetiredinVA

    Federal Proceduresin Criminal Case

    Motion In Limine A pretrial motion asking that certain evidence be found inadmissible, and that it not be referred to or offered at trial. The order of names in an indictment has nothing to do with the order of prosecution.
  4. RetiredinVA

    Please Help!

    This is a scam. Report it to the police.
  5. RetiredinVA

    Permanent Custody

    It is very easy. All the judge has to do is sign a piece of paper. But that's not really your question. Your real question is: Will Judge ________, of __________ County, in the state of ___________, permanently grant custody of my ____ children, whose ages are _______, to CPS, considering the following facts, ______________. The facts include: the history of the interaction between the children, the parents, and the county; the current financial and residential conditions of the parents; the mental and emotional conditions of the parents and children; other factors too numerous to name that are specific between these children and their parents. Only an attorney practicing in your jurisdiction who has a chance to go over the facts in your case can give you a reasonable guess.
  6. RetiredinVA

    Fighting my own parents for custody

    Were your parents awarded custody of the children by a court?
  7. RetiredinVA

    Cash loan default

    The "County Processor" does not call people who owe money tosomeone. They also do not call anyone to inform them that a complaint was filed to social security. What you are describing appears to be a scam. Your pathshould be to report it to your local police department. There is probably a fraud division that deals with such amtters. I don't know whatot where you ead about whether you can be taken to court, etc. You can cerainly be sued. However, your socialsecurity benefits are exempt from garnishmane.
  8. RetiredinVA

    Evil step father

    You don't need to do, or commission, a complete title search. Go to the clerk's office and ask for the grantee index, the index of owners of property. If your name is there you can order a copy of the listed deed, will, or other document. Tax rolls do not prove ownership of real estate.
  9. RetiredinVA

    Is the eviction process neccessary??

    Yes, it is necessary to go through the eviction procedures to remove someone who was a tenent of the house. A person livving in a house for 2 1/2 years would be a tenant. No, it is not legal to put the person's property out in the driveway before the eviction process is complete. "Filing" for a protective order and having such an order entered are two different things. Was a protective order issued by a judge? A protective order is not an eviction order.
  10. Your suggestions about insuring security guards for schools makes little sense. I doubt there are any public school employees who are required to be self-insured as a condition of their employment. Why single out security officers who happen to be retired law enforcement officers and require them to be self-insured? Should an active duty police officer, detailed to act as a security officer at a public scool, be required to be self-insured as a requirement of his or her detail? Regarding "numb fingers". Apparently, there was a police officer with numb fingers in Florida. There was another in Las Vegas. Did those episodes turn out well, in your opinion? I would prefer the schools hire retired infantry men or women with expert ratings in weapons who also wear a "combat infantry badge" or Marines with "combat action ribbons" demonstrating they have actually been under fire. If the heirs of a shooter slaughtering school children chooose to sue the school board, good for them.
  11. RetiredinVA

    Driving while license suspended

    Your statement of the facts is not entirely clear. Is your current driver's license from another state? It is possible (even likely) that your privilege of driving in Oklahoma was suspended but the offense did not result in revocation orsuspension of your license in the other state. For instance, failure to pay a fine in an Oklahoma court may result in suspension of your driving privilege in Oklahoma but not result in suspension or revocation of your license in California. If that is the case, the ticket is good.
  12. RetiredinVA

    $50,000.00 gift

    Gifts are not taxed until they get over about $5.6 million. But it has to be reported since it reduces his gift and estate tax exclusion.
  13. RetiredinVA

    Rezoning One year after remodeling Rv Park

    Obviously, you need to get a lawyer experienced in zoning matters in your neighborhood. No one here can help you. BTW, zoning matters are unique to counties and states. You did not identify the state where this occurred.
  14. Have you tried googling something like "virginia armed guards in schools"? Your question is more complex than you might think. Virginia, for instance, allows the hiring of armed guards. But school boards often will not allow them in their schools. Having trained and vetted guards in the schools is often considered too dangerous. So only murderers carry guns in schools. Some people think this makes sense.
  15. Asked and answered. Thanks.
  16. RetiredinVA

    Investigating County Has No Investigation?

    You really don't have to convince anyone here. As yousaid, you need to convince a judge and jury. Good luck.
  17. RetiredinVA

    Disturbing the peace

    There is no way anyone here could predict what a particular judge in Idaho would do in your son's specific case. There was obviously a reason why a police officer decided to arrest your son and I am sure it was not just because he was loitering in a parking lot.
  18. RetiredinVA

    Divorce and alimony

    I don't either.
  19. RetiredinVA

    Privacy invasion

    Do you know who posted the information? Have you tried to contact Facebook to have the posting removed?
  20. RetiredinVA

    Annulment, Legal Separation, and Divorce

    Have you tried google?
  21. RetiredinVA

    Divorce and alimony

    What does she want to get money for?
  22. RetiredinVA

    Probation search

    Of course. Every place in the apartment is subject to easy access by you and is under your control.If it water otherwise it would allow you to store contraband in the kid's room.
  23. RetiredinVA

    Use of a garage

    My quick review of the jurisdiction of small claims courts in Wisconsin indicates they do not have jurisdiction of claims for possession of personal property, except in repossession cases. You may be in the wrong court.
  24. RetiredinVA

    Help w/ 10 year old out of state divorce

    Although I do not practice in Hawaii I believe I can shed some light on why it is too late to get an annulment. A court can only adjudicate the rights and responsibilities of a person over which has the necessary jurisdiction. Marital status is a condition personal to both the husband and wife. Since your wife was in Hawaii, and presumably was there for whatever statutory time was required, the court had the aauthority to terminate her condition as a married woman. This kind of thing legendarily occurs in Reno, Nevada, for example. Therefore, she is legally not married to you after the final decree is entered. Since she was no longer married to you, an annulment would not be possible. However, the award of alimony stands on a different ground. The court can only require a person over whom it has appropriate jurisdiction to pay alimony. If the service on you was not appropriate, you were not under the jurisdiction of the Hawaii court. Therefore you may be able to have that part of the final decree set aside. Of course you would probably need a Hawaiian attorney to do this properly.
  25. You will most likely have to file a petition for visitation in the relevant court in South Carolina.. If you were not married to the mother, the court will almost certainly order a paternity test. Prepare to also be required to pay child support. You are in for an expensive proposition. I suggest you hire a local attorney in South Carolina to assist you.