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  1. RetiredinVA

    owi - iowa

    The obligation to submit to the urine test is not directly related to the charges. As a condition of acquiring the privilege of driving you agreed to take a test and agreed to give up your license if you refused. The suspension of your right to drive is administrative and not criminal.
  2. It doesn't matter whether the loan is listed on the schedules or not. If the creditor was aware of the debt and if the omission of the debt does not cause injury to the creditors, it is discharged.
  3. If you are looking for some legal definition of carpet life I think you will be disappointed. If it were me I would rent a steamer and give it a once over.
  4. RetiredinVA

    owi - iowa

    Your license was suspended because you refused the urine test. That has nothing to do with whether you were convicted or acquitted. Your acquittal occurred, at least partially, because you refused the test, which was objectively reasonable given the narration of the crash. I don't see what basis you would have for appeal.
  5. In reading the initial post, it seems the company does not require the employee to reveal any of the information listed. It authorizes the company to collect and store the information.
  6. "Writing off" debts does not necessarily mean the debt is forgiven. It is basically a bookkeeping function that removes the debt from the list of court assets. However, the debt can still be collected, for instance, by collection agencies which purchase the debts for pennies on the dollar. Of course, the order you posted only applies to public defender fees anyway.
  7. It would be a big help if you would read what you have written before posting it because it makes no sense.
  8. If the missing pin is really an iron pipe, which it usually will be, you may find it with a metal detector through the asphalt.
  9. Probably nowhere. Leases are not filed anywhere accessible to the public. Why did you post your question on a totally unrelated thread?
  10. Depends on the terms of the lease. It is not at all uncommon for a tenant to be required to pay all insurance and taxes. The flood insurance is intended to protect the property owner from loss or damage and is properly paid to the property owner. I.e. the landlord. The lease-purchaser is not the owner unless and until the end of the lease.
  11. Whether the witness committed perjury in a prior case was probably ruled inadmissible during the trial and ordered stricken from the record. Prior bad acts are not admissible unless they demonstrate a pattern. So your transcript was not illegally altered
  12. I keep a spray bottle full of water near the grill when I'm grilling fatty foods in case there is a flare. Water is not the best solution for grease fires but It does subdue the flames a little. I would prefer not to.use a fire extinguisher. Did your grease fire continue to burn even after you left the grill alone? Did you determine where the flames were coming from?
  13. Wait! You are going to tell the judge you were falling asleep at the wheel so you drove faster! Seriously!
  14. If your case involves uncontested liability and reasonably appropriate and necessary medical cost of over twice the policy limits. and documented long term pain and suffering there are few adjusters who would not throw in the limits This is especially true where the limits are as low as $15,000. I suspect your case has a problem somewhere
  15. Not clear. Is your friend living in the house where you rented space? Where is "here" as in "when I got here"? Did you live in the house prior to the lockout? What does helping your friend have to do with anything?
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